Sunday, November 12, 2017

PLO is Warmer in the Winter?

What an exciting trip Foxwoods was this week. I was bored on the bus heading up so I watched the first episode of Anne with an “E” from Netflix. That option to download shows to watch offline is great. Fucking awesome show. By the time the trip ended I saw all 7 episodes. So I got off the bus and promptly lost my bus coupon roulette spin this week. No way I win 3 in a row. Impossible. Whatever. Foxwoods has recently fucked over the players because last month you were getting either 25, 50, or 100 every 10 days depending on your card and now they mail you this scratch off thing that  you need to be there for and scratch in front of them on the specific day and it’s like 10-30 bucks. So stupid. On mine this week I got 30 and I did 3 10 dollar JoB hands. 2 normal losers. One I get 789J clubs and a 9. I ditch the 9 and the card I get? 9. Obvious screw.

I played very briefly when I got there Wednesday night. I legit won a dollar. My ex was there and she has some drama with this guy player and it’s no good. Bad vices and he needs serious help. But she’s a good person and doesn’t want to ditch him. Anyway Bill Potts picked me up and we stayed at Mohegan for the night. I think I went to bed pretty much right away while Bill read some Banker, Professor, and Suicide Kid out loud. I legit got a bedtime story lol.

Next day Bill did his gambling and I watched. He got unlucky and didn’t do well. He runs like garbage a lot. After that Bill got a 300 dollar food comp and he generously let me buy a few things with it. Most came from Pastavita so I was set with food the next couple days. I also got some of the good maple syrup as a gift for the girlfriend. 15 dollar bottle. After that we went back to Foxwoods and I had the room this time and Bill stayed. He didn’t play just hung out a while and slept. I won a good chunk of money. I didn’t have a single losing session of 2-5 PLO and did overall well of 2-5 NL. Really great trip. One sad thing is I couldn’t destroy a guy who sometimes raised 40 in the dark preflop. Sometimes the fish swim away.

I spent Saturday  at Foxwoods this time because Lindsey Stirling was in the concert. She’s an amazing violinist, dancer, and even sang a bit. She’s the BEST. For proof on YouTube put in Shatter Me. Her concert was incredible and I could have watched it all day. After the concert I won like 2650 dollars between PLO and NL. Great trip and excited about returning Thursday. Oh and I purchased 1 oz of gold from Potts this trip and it’s my first time


  1. u do know ur ex would be better off with me than him right? i have no bad vices. no drugs, beer cigs, weed, meth, etc.

  2. I shall be sure to forward that along to her!