Saturday, May 19, 2018

Finally got the finances counted

I won 1957 in 2-5 NL over 16 hours and lost 892 over 11 hours and 45 minutes in 2-5 plo8. I’m taking a break, potentially a life long break, from plo8. Too many shoulder shrug aggressive decisions  in that game. If you want to win you need to make them pay for their draw. Or you bet your draw and hopefully they fold or you hit. Problem is the big draw goes against the made hand way too much. It’s  happened to me a lot this trip, lost quite a few times. But a few interesting things happened:

An old lady folded 25 pre with 45 suited and would have won 40k in the bad beat. Obv it’s a good fold but hopefully now she makes that call every time. Good for the game.

My friend Elise got into an incident with another(well known) poker player. It was her turn to show(first), and she didn’t. The guy was pretty aggressive talking to her and she wasn’t having it. She told him to shut up  and he said Fuck You, Sweetheart and that wasn’t exactly a term of endearment in her view lol. They both stayed at the table but I told her he does coke big time so you can’t expect rational conversation.

Counted up my roll. Total assets combined of gold and cash is about 40k. Not bad. I hope to really increase that soon by just playing hold em. But don’t get this twisted, I’m the best player in that plo8 lineup . I’m the only one who’s actually brave. That’s pretty crucial in poker, knowing who is brave enough to do certain moves. I mean that can also be stupidity but still. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

You fat piece of shit!

Now that my Penguins have been eliminated I can go back to my usual casino routine. Some might see this as a good thing, but I assuredly do not. I love my team and all the friends I’ve made at the Penguin Bar. Next year will be better, hopefully. Foxwoods started out pretty badly. Somehow with a free bus ticket, 30 in slot, and 30 in match I still came out a 30 dollar loser. Lost all 3 10 dollar hands of VP plus the roulette spin. I guess it’s not that hard but still. After settling into the room I played 2-5. I actually got hands. Like AA and AK etc that held up plus I won a lot on. Soon this insane(and very pretty) woman joined the game. She was giving 10, 15, 25, 50(!) dollar tips to the dealers and waitresses. She lost a little bit to me because, shock of shocks, she was terrible. Unfortunately I was at a must move and my next table was garbage so I decided to sleep. She was on a break and didn’t have much left anyway. Over an hour I won 616. I wish I could maintain that lol

I got into PLO8 the next day and was probably my unluckiest session ever. Lost with a set vs a flush draw with backdoor low that turned into a straight. Lost with TPTK and weak diamonds and backdoor nut low vs no pair and nut diamonds(but he had 3 of them) and backdoor nut low with a 5. Lost with A4103 vs AAKQ on a 1083 board after the board ran out J9. Finally took a break after my AQ4x was in a 3 way all in pot against mystery cards and AA. No raise pre btw. Flop AQ4. Bricked out so I assume mystery cards were wheel draws. After taking a 1669 loss in 4 hours I had to take a break. Fat piece of shit was the one who put the last 3 hands on me. He’s a new player so he must be feeling great about the game.

The last interesting part of the trip was 2-5 Crazy Pineapple. It’s a thrilling game. The weird part is that the field attracts players you don’t want to face in NL, but it’s like the party game so they play a little bit loose. I did win 377 over 5.5 hours and I’d like for it to go again sometime this trip. Oh and my “casino wife” Charlene came this trip and that’s always great. She tries to get me to become a better tipper but that’s just not gonna happen. I won 138 in minor sessions btw so only a 568 loss.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sands is so terrible

Bill Potts gave me a call last week while I was at Foxwoods and asked me to help him with something at the Sands in PA. Obviously I can’t get into specifics, but I got a nice bit of money for the work. I hate that place though. I took the early bus from the NY Port Authority and the ride was actually smooth. Outlets etc, but then the good times ended. There was a glitch in the system where you get the 45 in slot play but couldn’t actually use it(and it costs 38 to get on, not exactly an Asian grinder bus). My ID is cracked in two and they gave me shit about it being fake. I have like 4 weeks of playoff beard on my face and they still think I’m under 21. I was let in though. After helping Bill, I tried to get my 45 in slot since the VP machine said I had 0. It doesn’t work on video roulette or video poker. Foxwoods allows you to use bus slot play on 9:6 VP while the best Sands can muster is 8:5 VP that doesn’t work. I ended up winning 80 dollars playing though. I also don’t like how the security looks at everyone like they’re a criminal. I had a wristband that signified I was over 30(must be a PA thing, got the same shit in Rivers when I went to Pittsburgh) and STILL got stopped and escorted to the bus. Luckily I was leaving anyway.

The Foxwoods trip before that was alright. I won 354 playing plo8 over 12 hours. The super relevant thing is how I got into an argument about showing hands. Big fat predator guy David Duke(not the KKK guy I assume) is under some weird impression that I’m a thief since I don’t alert the table if someone won a hand and the dealer and player don’t notice. The absolute trump statement to this is “not my hand, not my business”. I don’t give a shit if it’s tabled hand I’m not gonna say a word. Unless you’re my friend, then I might cough or something.

I’m heading to Foxwoods now. My boss let me take a sick day. I fucked up though. I forgot that I had a reservation for both yesterday and today, separated. I fucked up the days so hopefully they don’t give me the fee.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

I guess calling for Capital Fan death is fine!

I mean these fuckers were happy with Tom Wilson basically trying to kill people with headshots. I guess when you call for people to die you gotta be specific. Plus I never said I would do it. Disease would work. I heard Poker Grump got TBC arrested because he alluded to murder and suicide. What I don’t understand is why didn’t PG give Tony a call? I understand the logic of being cautious with stuff but call him. Weird.

So as you know, I’m my fathers lottery for the pick 3 numbers in NYC. He plays 3 a day on 213 and 1 a day on 333, but both day and night drawings. He actually hit the 213 on Monday. 1500 dollar hit to the pocket. Even with a 50% house edge sometimes you gotta pay out. I’m probably down 1k in it but that’s why you gotta stay well rolled.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Back on the good run

Things are all twisted around because of the hockey playoffs, but I still found time to go to Foxwoods because they gave me a ton of points in April. I don’t mind though, as shown through the Penguins Bar videos I post on twitter.

I went to Foxwoods a couple weeks ago for a very short period of time and only won 24 dollars in poker, but I did pick up 175 in points. My neck has been hurting me lately(and as usual) and I need to go to the spa for a massage. There’s been an uptick on the amount of people taking the bus lately so it’s been tough to get a 2 seater by myself. Plus I’m tall so it’s tough.

This past week was cool. My friend Al picked me up at the Bar after the game and drove us up to Fox. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to Flushing to get the bus at 1130 but I would have. If it went OT I’d have no shot. Al is a big gambler, but only when he’s at the casino. No sports, horses, etc. By the time we got there, there wasn’t even a 2-5 NL. The 2-5 PLO8 also broke that was surprisingly going all day(tournaments are in town). So Al and I looked for a good mystery jackpot slot. He wanted to play so I lent him 200. The machine wasn’t great and he lost 200. Then he lost another 200 on roulette. Then we decided sleep was good.

Next day he asked me if he should do roulette to get even. I said no, try video poker but big bets. We ended up doing 600 dollars in with 50 dollar bets. Broke even for a while then hit 4 Jacks. So he was up 850 after paying me back. He ended the trip up 380.

I ended up winning 617 in plo8 over 9 hours and 108 in NL over 2 hours 40 mins. Going back next week too Thursday night I think.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A little bit about PBC

I was asked to do a bit of a background on myself in the comments last blog so I’ll satisfy my fans on that. I was first introduced to poker when I was about 8 years old. My father used to invite his friends over and they used to play 7 card stud(badly I’m sure). I got wide-eyed when I saw dollar bills and sometimes FIVE dollar bills on the table. A five was a sign of a big game to me in those days. Later in life my friends from high school got me into playing NL after the Moneymaker win. I never played hold em before. We got a chip set and played little sit n goes amongst each other. I remember my friends tendencies as well. Victor was a huge fish, Will was a nit, Al was aggressive and annoyingly splashed the pot way too often, Mike was pretty balanced, and Jerry was pretty tight. It was like 5 dollar buy in with a top two prize pool, then it went to 10, then it went to 10 with a REBUY...then UNLIMITED REBUYS. Those prizes got pretty nice actually.

Will was the oldest by a few months and started making bus trips to AC. He lived in my neighborhood and took the morning bus there. Once I turned 18 I went with him to the Tropicana. It was so brutal, a 4 hour ride. I remember when I first went there I had 98(!) dollars total and for some reason I thought 50 dollars was the most you can bet on every street. My very first hand I had Kings and doubled up. I turned my 98 into like 283 over the course of playing 1/2. For a guy with no money  that’s HUGE! Over the next few years I was very up and down. Did pretty good in NL(Tropicana was a fish haven for a while). Did pretty bad online. I should have realized it’s too many bots and collusion.

One day I was coming home from AC on the shitty greyhound and for some reason it let off at the bus station and it was completely empty. Really weird. I complained to the bitch at the station to no avail to get a free ticket, so I purchased one. It didn’t come for another few hours so I went back to play poker, to at least try to win the bus money back. That was the day I met Bill Potts. He was wearing this wacky Hawaiian looking shirt and was probably calling too much(Potts was pretty new to poker at this point) even though he had big hands. I don’t remember the hand details(this was in 2012) but I do remember him being pissed. I think he started to get more aggressive because of this and I 3 bet his raise one time with junk, but then he 4 bet me and I had to fold. He later told me he respected my ability to make that 3 bet. We saw each other a bit around AC. One day we were in Bally’s playing either 1/1 or 1/2 and Bill I think lost all his money. I felt he was good for it and I lent him 100 dollars. He got the money back and paid me back ASAP. We had a falling out for a brief while but we became good friends. I can not on good conscious give the reason why the falling out happened because we would both look bad. One reason we started talking again is because we both wanted to start counting blackjack at like the exact same time(we heard this from a mutual friend named Eric that we long since stopped talking to). It was pretty cool actually. Eventually I started going around AC and was counting and got shit tons of heat everywhere. Borgata even took all my comps and rooms away.

One day Bill told me how good Foxwoods was and how free rooms were actually free. This was in like 2015 I think. I really liked the place and I dropped AC quickly. Only been back once in 3 years. So now I come here like every week. Roll is doing well and I’m happy. Btw I’ll try to do the update on how I did two weeks ago(I don’t go to the casino as much during Penguins playoff games because I go to this Pittsburgh Penguins bar in Manhattan for all the games. We also do a raffle for the Mario Lemieux foundation and I’m the main guy who sells the tickets. It’s really fun. I post videos from there on twitter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

There goes the win streak

It was a shorter trip than usual this time because I went to the Penguins/Devils game in Newark on Thursday. It was unique because I had both friends and family going(and later found out the girlfriend had some family there too). We were supposed to meet the family by the Devils Den gift shop to eat, but it was cold and they were late so her and I went to Chipotle instead. I’m glad I did because I had 3 cups of tasty lemonade.

We got in there pretty quickly after the doors opened to see the Penguins practice.
The girlfriend says as a gift one day she wants to get us close tickets to a game. I’m in for that. We later saw friends from the Pittsburgh Penguins bar in Manhattan and the family. My cousins sadly have their kids in Devils garbage at a young age and that’s upsetting. Maybe I need to become more of an influence on their lives. The game was good. Penguins had the grit. Crosby had the goal of the year to win in OT. You know, pretty standard.

I went to Foxwoods the next day and they didn’t start the plo8 on time(didnt have enough players). Played some 2-5 NL and lost 70 bucks in one hour. No cards. Didn’t win a hand. PLO8 then got going and it quickly became a battle of trying to get even. My AA with a suit and low cards lost to A2  and crap. Amazingly though I only got stuck 400 in the game then we switched it to 20-40 RE. Apparently people FUCKING HATE RAZZ, yet they still play it while playing it. I add the stud8 because I’m still good in it plus it gets a certain group of players in. I’m considering adding 20-40 omaha8 and just not play it. They love that shit. Whatever gets them in. Ended up playing 8 hours combined and won 195. The players don’t seem to care that I go north often but they really should because I’m the most dangerous reg there.

I still had a few hours before 500 dollar high hand ended and I had to check in so I played 2-5 NL. Brutal stuff. I had AA(with the ace of hearts) on a 810J board where 3 fish called me preflop and I absolutely had to fold after I got check-called AND check-raised. Caller had K9 and raiser had Q9. I also flopped a steel wheel gutshot draw that missed but I didn’t lose too much on that. Over 3 hours and 25 mins I lost 415. Over 12 hours and 25 minutes I lost 290. I’m nearly at Foxwoods now and I intend to keep my head down and make money. Maybe.