Saturday, February 17, 2018

Penguin Road Trip Ends

So after spending the day basically sleeping with the girlfriend(although we made sure to watch Celebrity Big Brother) I went back to Foxwoods for three full days. Always good to stay an extra day when tournaments are going around. After getting there and doing gym I settled in for 2-5 NL. I’m really liking how I look nowadays with all of this eating better and working out. I’d say I’m in better shape than 95% of the Foxwoods poker room for sure. Josie would agree πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ lol

First two sessions were pretty worthless. Combined 90 minutes and a 40 dollar loss. Problem is they were must moves and they tried to get me into bad seats at the move. No thanks I’ll wait the hour.

I was then stupid and played 2-5 PLO. There was a point where I was under rolled for that game, but not now. Lost a 3 way pot with decent Aces all in pre and then another one heads up with Aces all in pre. That’s bad luck but I just hate that game. A lot of times all you do is shove and pray with good things and I’m just not that lucky. So no more, and then I went to sleep. Lost 899.

I ran into UFC Mike the next day and he told me he lost like 3500 in 10/25 PLO Heads Up to Deena. I’d put Deena right next to Michelle in terms of best looking reg in the room, but Michelle is a far better player than Deena. Deena likes to 3 bet with J553 for instance vs Mike and flop was 544. Yikes. So Mike was depressed and wanted to play Video Poker. He lost 1460 and was super tilted. Then we went over to roulette and he put a pumpkin(1k chip) on 1-12 and 13-24 and he actually won twice for a 2k win. Took the money and ran, but not before giving the “dealer” 5 dollars. Mike is young and absolutely needs to look in the mirror and realize he won’t go anywhere by just giving these dealers money!

So I got a 13 hour 30 minutes session of PLO8 in. Nothing very exciting and I won 167 bucks.

2-5 then went AWFUL on Saturday. Kept getting endlessly fucked. KK loses to JJ all in pre. (800 dollar pot)K2 loses to K7 on K28 flop(700 dollar pot!), A10 loses to A3 on A29 flop(400 dollar pot), and my 89 suited lost to A6 190 main and 45 in dead on the side, plus high hand was 2222 so random shot at 500. I actually flopped a gut shot to the straight flush then bricked. I took a break after.

Came back to same table, same seat. I won 1270. Shit actually went well. I bluffed with AQ and a guy with AJ called me because his logic was he didn’t think I had AK. Saturday night poker. The last session of the trip ended being a 293 loss. It’s fine. Penguin Road Trip was fun and successful.

I’ll post the trip I just had on Thursday afternoon on the bus heading back.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Penguin Road Trip Part 2

After getting back from Foxwoods I went directly to civilian job to take a nap, but couldn’t. I guess I slept enough in the room and on the bus. So after working a little bit(there’s like a 3 hour gap here that I’m racking my brain about which I have no clue what I did. Maybe caught up on wrestling) I took New Jersey Transit to Newark to see the Penguins/Devils game. What a shit show that game was. First off, fuck the Prudential Center and it’s ridiculous banisters. First row on the aisle? You’re basically looking at a banister and glass. Total shit. Never EVER get those seats if you go there. Plus the Penguins played like crap. Malkin scored a goal but that’s it. I’ll post a pic of my seat angle on twitter.

After that the girlfriend and I went back to her house for a couple days. She still lives with mom and dad(to save money😍) and they like me I think. The dad teases me because I eat a lot which is a surprise because I don’t usually but the food there is really good. You always tell when people like you when they feel comfortable enough to lightly make fun of you. We watched the Super Bowl too. Girlfriends sister and her BF came over. He’s a big Patriot fan, but that makes sense since he’s from Mass and is part of the brainwashed Patriot Cult. They’ll excuse anything the team or refs do as I know from Foxwoods. The dad loves the Cowboys so he was cheering NE. Thank God Eagles won because NE is the most cheated for team in the league. They actually maybe slightly favored Philly in this one but clearly karma is a bitch.

The next day me, GF, and the mom hung out watching Dr Phil. This mom and grandma kept accusing the father of sexually abusing the daughter but had no proof and Phil wasn’t having it. Later we watched Jeopardy and I got lots of answers right, naturally. After that we took an Uber back to Newark, but this time to go to Pittsburgh to see the city and go see the Vegas Golden Knights face the Penguins in Marc-Andre Fleurys big return. Bus was ok. It was on a path to St Louis so it was partially full and after the first stop the GF and I got to sit together. We had no hotel room so we made sure to sleep on the bus.

I have some Pittsburgh lady friends who gave me advice on what to do(we got in at 6am and the game started at 7pm) there. First thing was we took an Uber to this diner called Delucas. Very good. I got peanut butter pancakes and she got honey pecan pancakes. We had like a 2 hour gap before Pittsburgh “woke up” and while we should have gone up the Duquesne Incline I wasn’t too good with the geography so we checked out Rivers Casino instead. The Uber took 45 minutes. No tip. Nobody in the poker room at 830am on a Tuesday. Most casinos on the east coast would have a bit of action at that time but not there.

After that we did do incline. We got 3 of the squashed pennies with the crank and designs. It was a nice view of the city. I did this the previous time I came to Pittsburgh(Game 1 of the SCF vs Predators last year) but I got more pennies this time. The lady who took my ticket was intrigued I lived in NYC and spoke to us for a while.

Later we headed over to the National Aviary. This was super cool. We saw real life Penguins and other cool birds. Some not even in cages and just flying around by you. I fed a few birds fish. I threw this last fish directly into the pelican type things mouth with solid aim.

After that we went over to the Andy Warhol museum. The GF and I aren’t the artsy types but we did see all the stuff. There’s 6 floors of his work and some of it was interesting so good experience.

I purchased tickets to do the tour of PPG Paints Arena but we got hungry so we went to this spot called The Souper Bowl. The big thing about this place was they had provolone cheese sticks. I never knew that was a thing. They were great. I recommend this place if you’re ever in town. Prices good tooπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

The tour was fun. Saw a lot of the building and learned a few things about the Penguins. College girl was our tour guide and it took a bit but she found her groove guiding us. They show Suite 66 and the visitors locker room on non-game days so that was a bummer. But hey good time still. We still had 2 hours to kill after tour so we hit up Pizza Bosa. Lots of Penguins fans in there and it was a wonderful feeling. We both rested our eyes because we were both feeling the day at that point.

Finally it was time for the game! We had second to the last row and that was good, but then this elderly couple 6 rows ahead offered to switch because the husband couldn’t get up the stairs if he went down them. Much better seats. Legit 100 dollars of value. The game was insane. We were down 2-0 and then scored 5 straight and won 5-4. Fleury got a massive hand and his video was incredible. Great great time.

After that we had to take the bus back to NYC. The bus back is on the strip where Delucas is and it’s scary and run down as fuck at night. Luckily Primanti Brothers is over there. Very famous Pittsburgh eatery. The “bus station” looks like a crack house that they never sweep up. Luckily the bus came and  all went well. I’ll actually do another blog pretty soon because I did go to the casino for a few days after this trip but this blog too long now.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Penguin Road Trip!

On the bus to Foxwoods writing this and haven’t been home since last Wednesday. I haven’t been away from home this long, even my Vegas trips were only about a week. Packed up more clothes than ever before too. So here’s how it gone:

Started the trip by going to civilian job last Wednesday. Was there all day(luckily it’s easy) and wanted to squeeze a movie in but the time wasn’t right with job schedule. I do want to see that 17:15 to Paris though. So I got to Foxwoods around 1am and promptly lost the bus coupon roulette spin. Not even any drama either. Ball just easily fell in Black 2. I was staying that night with UFC Mike and I had to wait a bit because he took a later bus. I sat at 2-5 NL and won 582 over 3 hours. The big spot was 4 handed and the board was 56882. He had 89 and I had K8 suited and doubled my 450 up. Game got bad and Mike gave me the key so I slept.

Thursday was nothing special. I got into a must move at 2-5 and won 30 dollars. Very surprisingly though was we got a 2-5 PLO8 going. Usually that starts up only on fridays now. I got a lot of cards and won 995 over 8 hours.  I got heads up with a decent player who def got better hands than I did but had shitty strategy. He didn’t take advantage of his button at all. Oh and I got them to change it to 5-10 plo8 so we could pay half time instead of pot rake. He had to leave and I was ok with that because he played alright, I was tired, and I wanted to get in the early plo8 game Friday.

Friday I lost a big hand in plo8 because I didn’t make a what seems on the surface a ridiculous fold, but because of the player and circumstance it was a fold. It was just gross. I’m not even gonna explain the hand but just know I didn’t get stacked on the river. My big mistake was calling his pot bet of 390 on the turn. I lost 175 in 3 hours there. The game broke because 2 regs, Larry and Irv, lost big early and we didn’t really have anyone to replace them. I ate at the Newport Lounge for dinner and soon came back for 2-5 NL. Only won 22 bucks over 5 hours but was VERY interesting. This guy was just the biggest aggressive fish who of course built up a stack then lost it(the last 450 he had to me, aka I was stuck). He then got 5-10 NL going. Michelle was at the 2-5 and she’s super hot IMO(blonde, pretty, chubby which is like my favorite combo) but she didn’t join because besides the spazz the field was too tough. She was right. He blew 1500 like 90 minutes in. Brought in for 2000 later. I ended up winning 232 and ran because the field was murderers row.

Oh and it’s called Penguin Road Trip because I went to The Pittsburgh Penguins game vs the Devils in Jersey with the girlfriend and then her and I took a bus to Pittsburgh to see them face the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday. I’ll talk about that next blog. Hand hurts now.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Top boat no good

It’s like week 3 of being stuck in Great Cedar for 4 straight trips. This time I was able to get the non-smoking room and it still smells gross in there. It’s like an oppressive smell that lowers your enthusiasm. You get used to it but it’s not good. Anyway I got to the casino and AGAIN won my bus coupon roulette spin. That’s like 7 out of the 8 weeks I won. Did all the gym stuff. Combined with doing 2 days casino gym, 2 days of Planet Fitness, cutting out those delicious but very fattening Vanilla Chai teas from Dunkin, and overall eating better I’m in a lot better shape. I also have health insurance. Maybe I should call myself O(opposite)BC? Lol

After getting all that done I sat down at 2-5 NL. Hit all the cards and won like 746 over 4 hours and 20 minutes. I got into a tough one with Frankie Barrels where we both had aces but he had position. He put me to the test but we ended up chopping. This guy they call Santa Claus got into an argument with an old guy about the environment/global warming etc. Santa had strong facts and logic and the other guy countered with “I don’t knows, don’t care, and I’m not gonna do my part because it won’t mean anything”. Old guy was lucky there weren’t chips on the line or else he was felted quick. The game got sour so I jumped out.

I ordered my usual Chicken/Shrinp pad Thai(mild spice, the regular is pain) and took a look at River Dragons because I had time to kill. It was at like 454 of 500. I asked Bill Potts about it and he said I shouldn’t ever play slots in Indian Casinos because they don’t need to report it. Others confirmed it, but then I saw a website that said Foxwoods paid back 89.88% on penny denim slots from mid 2016 to mid 2017. But still it doesn’t mean River Dragons is fair. I still kept an eye on it periodically and when I was ready to go home Saturday morning it hit and was already grinded to 245.

Friday was pretty interesting. I went to bed early Thursday because I wanted to catch Shirley in plo8(I think she enjoys the people plus she’s a ridiculous calling station). I wanted to start the game and did but no Shirley. I ended up being in the game for 2500! Hand of the night: like 5 limpers to me and I call with QQJ2. Flop QJ4 with 2 diamonds. Checks around to a guy that bets 20, I make it 60, all folders, he calls. Turn 2 diamonds, check check. River 4. He bets 140 and I pot to 600 which is basically his stack exactly. He’s fucking debating with the dealer about how much the pot is, how many bills I have, etc. Then after ALL OF THAT, he casually turns over his quad fours. His logic was that “I got him the previous hand.” YES I HAD AA210 on a 34J5Q flop. Your stupid flush draw doesn’t mean anything on that board in plo8! So eventually, as I love to do, I wanted to get razz going. After much debate and hassle from the floor, we got 10-20 razz with a full kill at 100 going. I ended up crushing it and ended coming all the way back and winning 255 in the game. Took a little nap then went home.

Nearing Foxwoods now as I type this. I booked a massage for Thursday with the milk and honey treatment. Sometimes I like being Pampered Big Charles😌 oh and today is Day 1 of my 11 day Road Trip. Going to a Penguins game in Newark Saturday then in Pittsburgh to see Fleury come back. Girlfriend is coming with both games so that’ll be fun.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Those evil River Dragons

Really funky trip last week. I’m not sure I succumbed to weakness, boredom or what but it was interesting. I did the late night Wednesday trip after work and after winning the bus roulette spin I jumped into some PLO and won 153, then later on lost 667. Pretty standard stuff really. Game got bad so I jumped into 2-5 NL. This really pretty older girl jumped in(we ended up guessing her age and I said 34, she ended up being 38) and she was very fishy when tilting. One hand that sent her over the edge was it folded around to me and I had AQ off on the button and made it 20. She called and one other called. Flop 10JK two diamonds. All 500 of my stack got in and her KJ didn’t boat up. She eventually moved to the middle of the table and got into a giant hand with Russian Alex. He raised in EP pre with JJ and she called in LP with Q9. Flop 942 and he bombs 225 into like 80 and she shoves 300 in there and gets no help. Been running into very pretty fishy ladies lately which is the best. That ended the night.

The next day I did gym stuff and food(I’d get a Panera Card but they don’t give you much) then I walked by the river dragons slot machine. Bill Potts says the machine is rigged. It’s one of those mystery jackpot slots where the Major and Minor prizes are in the top corners. The major was at 4824 of 5000 and minor was about 445 of 500. It seems good. Prize needs to hit before it hits 5000 or 500. So I max bet as fast as I could, 8.80 a spin. I ended up moving the major 21 dollars and hitting the minor. Dave from PLO8 came around and watched me win 4100 and I got 3 W2Gs. A guy who hustles slots told me it would take 7 or 8k at 4834 to get the major. He was underballing it like crazy which I realized later.

I ended up doing well in the PLO8 game on Friday. Like 1425 over 10.5 hours. Good times. I then got into a 2-5 must move with this amazingly aggressive and obese guy that bet gigantic with anything. We even followed him to PLO. He lost his 700 dollars or so quickly as you can imagine. I ended up losing 280 between the two games but that’ll happen in games like that.

So it was late and I needed to catch the bus home at 730 AM. I wanted to see what river dragons looked like. It was steadily grinded(oh and all that play got me into the Newport Lounge, which is the better one. I like to joke that you can smoke in there but nobody ever gets it) and I waited behind this old Asian lady for like 2 hours. She did her stupid min bets and took tickets in and out then put cash in. You know how they are. She left with the major at like 4878 and minor around 240. I kept an eye on how much it takes to move the major 1 penny, and it’s 3.52(minor is like 2.36). So I jumped it.  I ran through 11k and got 8k back. These Asian ladies wanted me to stop, and I assume it’s brcause they wanted to grind that major prize. Wasn’t happening. So I did win like 1100 on it and made a shit ton of points. The problem is that 352 x 122(worst case scenario is it hits at 5k exact) is 42,944 worth of variance. Wayyyyy too high. I figured it would pay back like 90% as most slots roughly do and make it a profitable game but that’s not an accurate way to do it. I might do it again actually but it needs to be in the 4900s. I ended up hitting it at 4991 and change.

On the bus to fox now for this weeks adventure

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Feeling good about life

Heading back up Foxwoods as I type this. I find it to be a good spot to write because it’s pretty quiet and you can just let your thoughts flow. So I won 5125 in like a month on Global Poker and I decided to pull my money OUT, which has to be madness to some people. I’m not even burned out. Just Globsl is missing one incredibly important thing: Heads up play. No cash, no SNG. I liked to play heads up PLO 2/4 or 3/6 and sometimes I’m doing that for a few minutes and some piece of shit wants to play and unless I have a note that he’s trash I’m gone. Guys like Bill Potts and casino refs warn me about collision too. Still I’ll take the profits and run.

As for the last trip, it was alright. The roulette spin went bad and it landed on green, which in AC means you lose just your coupons but not your money. Connecticut you lose both. Oh and I don’t play it without coupons, but you don’t get half back on green if you pick a color so this place sucks to roulette degen.

After the eating and gym routine I settled in for poker and noticed a half plo/plo8 1/2 game going and that never happens. I ended up winning 145 bucks in there over 4.5 hours. I feel I was the best player in both games(especially the plo, since the good plo guys were playing 2/5 and 5/10 already).

I then got into 2/5 plo because it looked like strangers. Was up 300 until I lost a huge pot with QJ108 two diamonds on a Q96 board. He had QQ. It was a 3 way pot and tiny stack said he had nut diamonds. Wish you hit it dude. I lost 1200 there. My notes say 30 minutes but I think I fucked that up.

After a break I played again and this one went great. This random new girl from Brooklyn showed up with tits bouncing and called a lot. She lost her first 200 in first hand with aces after nit turned straight. She got all of our phone numbers too lol. I went to bed when the game broke at 6am.

Nothing really interesting happened unti the next paragraph.

After eating I went over to 2-5 plo. Lost my ass. 1200 in 25 minutes...lost with aces after I make it 20. Goes my 20, 3 callers, old man makes it 100...I do 340 and he calls. 239 hearts and I have the ace of hearts. That didn’t go well. I took a break after that and won some cash online. After clearing my head I came back to the table and a guy gave me all his money with 2339 on a 9964 board. I had 94. Good life and that was a 1550 pot. I was briefly put into the main game but after playing my walking dead game I went to bed and left in the morning

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Buried in the Snow

I’m posting this blog from home because the Chinese Bus isn’t working because of the giant snow storm on the east coast. It’s very upsetting because I wanted to get my points and use the gym and get free food in the lounge. It’s not great but as a person raised on “bad” food it fits the bill. So here’s the info from last trip...

I got off the bus and went to Panera bread. I like having a small meal there for gym energy yet won’t be weighed down. After that I checked in and apparently messed up by booking Wednesday and Thursday instead of Thursday and Friday and gave me the No Show fee. But they checked and literally pressed a button and it was fixed. The lady even first said Thursday was sold out. It just goes to show that if your play is good enough you’ll get massive favors. I don’t think I’ll get the missed points for this week but still.

So I checked in and went to the gym. Lots of people at the time, like 6. That’s a lot when there’s usually 0 or 1. Asians. I’m assuming they’re blog readers and wanted to get a glimpse of me. Who can blame them? I saw my exes friend come in exactly when I left so maybe physical fitness is on the list for the new year.

Shit started out terribly. I lost 947 bucks in one 3.5 hour session of 2-5 NL. Ugly boards, high pair over high pair, couldn’t flop much, bets getting called. Ugly. One funny incident popped up though where I was heads up with a guy and checked on the river. The guy 100% made numerous checking motions on the river and then bet 50. The dealer TOOK HIS SIDE after the guy said he was only “playing with his chips”. That’s bullshit and the floor took my side. I lost the hand. Guy then says I wouldn’t have done that if I had a big hand. Well obviously.

I took a little break and then noticed plo had a lot of strangers in it. I been playing on Global Poker quite a bit lately(none of you are getting my screen name) and feel it’s helped me out. Good little session and won 177 in an hour before the must move broke. Main game looked bad so I ran.

Played NL again and won 231 over 3 hours. I caught a few cards this time. I really wished that psycho old lady came back from previous week. I think I then purchased some eggs before bed. Going to bed hungry is the worst and I make sure not to.

Woke up, ate, gym, ate, then jumped into PLO8. I got Shirley in 2 out of 3 big pots. She got me after I 3 bet with AA46 to 110 and she flat me with Q456πŸ˜‚ but not so fun on the QQK flop. I C-bet small and gave up after. One guy was already all in and during the hand was already pulling out money so I knew he had babies. Whatever. Shirley then nearly walked away from table after dropping 5k in a bundle. I alerted her. I swear that woman must lose more money that way. I won like 843 over 5 hours in the game.

Ended the trip with a 260 dollar win in plo. This nice Asian girl from Arizona gave me a cough drop.