Sunday, November 19, 2017

Exciting times

This week I was able to stay over the girlfriends house and in the morning took NJ Transit to the 7 train to Flushing and then the Chinese Bus. Overall it’s like 6.5 hours from wake up to Foxwoods but more time with the girl and less time dealing with NYC trains late night is a very good thing. Her and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express which was lame. I was hoping for basically Clue on a train but certainly wasn’t that.

So as I headed up on the bus Bill Potts asked to buy his ounce of gold back. I kind of like having it because it retains value plus my safety deposit box is filled with stuff so it creates some space where cash would be. He then tried to trick me by pretending he was in AC rooming with my ex-GF but I was 85% sure he was lying and I ended up right. He is having(and the FUCKING MARIACHI BAND just started playing as I type I hope nobody gives them money) trouble at Mohegan Sun and splits the fox rooms with me. Looks like nobody gave them anything. Good. I got my 35 points and won the roulette coupon spin. Got the room. I then went to Tanger Outlets and got new pants. 40-32 relaxed fit worked out. I have 36 waist jeans that nearly cut off my ability to have children I think so can’t wear those now.

I started out with PLO. Smooth sailing. Double suited kings first hand. Raised and got callers. Flopped top set and won. Ended up winning 824 in that game. Ate food with Bill at the lounge. My mind goes blank at the time line but that was all I did that day in poker. I remember looking later to see if games were good but all I saw were grinders at NL and PLO so I went to bed. Good discipline. Next day I played some PLO and was stuck big but ended up only down 43. I then looked over at the plo8 and noticed Asian Danny was gone so I jumped in. There was one insane fish with a seat to his right open and even Bill jumped in and he isn’t a plo8 guy at all. I ended up winning 530 in that game and the fish left because I was beating him up too much lol. At lounge with Bill we ran into some regulars from plo8. It was a bit awkward because they feel Bill is god awful at plo8 and I know he’s a good player and does casino things well in general but there’s definitely an adjustment in this game. I also nearly lost 400 dollars in hundreds which bill picked up thank god.

After that I got into a 2-5 NL must move and won like 646. I got lucky because I ran my AA into AK who shoved on me and I held up. A huge fish went over to plo and I followed him after they tried to move me to a mediocre table. This was an insane gamble table. Smiley got very unlucky and lost tons. The fish got it in with 610QK double suited against 5 other all ins where his suits were dominated, pairs were beat, his straight possibility was all taken away etc. He basically needed trip Kings. No luck. AQ98 won because two eights hit. Fucking 4K pot! I couldn’t get anything going and lost 900. Then I went home. Heading back Monday/Tuesday because of thanksgiving

Sunday, November 12, 2017

PLO is Warmer in the Winter?

What an exciting trip Foxwoods was this week. I was bored on the bus heading up so I watched the first episode of Anne with an “E” from Netflix. That option to download shows to watch offline is great. Fucking awesome show. By the time the trip ended I saw all 7 episodes. So I got off the bus and promptly lost my bus coupon roulette spin this week. No way I win 3 in a row. Impossible. Whatever. Foxwoods has recently fucked over the players because last month you were getting either 25, 50, or 100 every 10 days depending on your card and now they mail you this scratch off thing that  you need to be there for and scratch in front of them on the specific day and it’s like 10-30 bucks. So stupid. On mine this week I got 30 and I did 3 10 dollar JoB hands. 2 normal losers. One I get 789J clubs and a 9. I ditch the 9 and the card I get? 9. Obvious screw.

I played very briefly when I got there Wednesday night. I legit won a dollar. My ex was there and she has some drama with this guy player and it’s no good. Bad vices and he needs serious help. But she’s a good person and doesn’t want to ditch him. Anyway Bill Potts picked me up and we stayed at Mohegan for the night. I think I went to bed pretty much right away while Bill read some Banker, Professor, and Suicide Kid out loud. I legit got a bedtime story lol.

Next day Bill did his gambling and I watched. He got unlucky and didn’t do well. He runs like garbage a lot. After that Bill got a 300 dollar food comp and he generously let me buy a few things with it. Most came from Pastavita so I was set with food the next couple days. I also got some of the good maple syrup as a gift for the girlfriend. 15 dollar bottle. After that we went back to Foxwoods and I had the room this time and Bill stayed. He didn’t play just hung out a while and slept. I won a good chunk of money. I didn’t have a single losing session of 2-5 PLO and did overall well of 2-5 NL. Really great trip. One sad thing is I couldn’t destroy a guy who sometimes raised 40 in the dark preflop. Sometimes the fish swim away.

I spent Saturday  at Foxwoods this time because Lindsey Stirling was in the concert. She’s an amazing violinist, dancer, and even sang a bit. She’s the BEST. For proof on YouTube put in Shatter Me. Her concert was incredible and I could have watched it all day. After the concert I won like 2650 dollars between PLO and NL. Great trip and excited about returning Thursday. Oh and I purchased 1 oz of gold from Potts this trip and it’s my first time

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Maybe PLO is my game?

I headed up to Foxwoods on Thursday morning after spending the night at the girlfriends house in Jersey. Usually if I visit her on wednesday I go home at night and then from there go to the casino in the morning, but I really wanted to watch the baseball game. They should call him Huge Garbage I think. I also went to movies a few times this week. Dr Marston and The Wonder Women, Marshall, and Goodbye Christopher Robin were all very good.

So I got up Thursday morning and she drove me to the train. NJ train to NYC, then the 7 train to Flushing for the Asian bus. Who needs a car? Not me. I won the matchplay roulette spin. I always bet red(I hate black, obv) and it’s been hot lately. So I tried to check in around 2pm and was told I couldn’t yet. Sounds like bullshit because why would they be full on a Wednesday night and not have  a room cleaned yet? My mistake was not going to the VIP spot this time because regular had no line. On the toilet I got the call it was available. After eating I saw what was available and I got into 2-5 PLO. I’ve been doing good with it online and gave it a try. I did very well. Hand of the trip was KKQ7 single suit flopping K82 with two clubs(not my suit) and was able to get my whole 1500 stack in on flop. I cheered for no club but the club came on the turn...the deuce of clubs. I was ok with that one. Massive hand and left soon after. I went back to the lounge because they had this chicken with “New Orleans Sauce” that I liked plus the NL games looked reg filled.

My friend Sam from poker texted me and asked if he could crash in the room and I said ok. Bill Potts picked me up(he’s a great driver, professional level even) and we hung at Mohegan. He taught me this card game called Koo or Coo or whatever and it’s pretty cool once you know the rules and the strength of all the cards. Later I was gonna watch Bill play BJ but I got exhausted. Somehow Bill beat  me back to the room and legit nearly ended my life by scaring me. I wish it was recorded.

Next day I took an Uber back to Foxwoods since Bill was sleeping. 18 dollars. Hurt my heart esp since Bill said he would have driven me. Friday was awful. Lost 550 in PLO...lost another 210 in 10-20 short handed ORE...then lost 700 in 2-5 NL. This insane Indian guy pushed me all in for 480 with 10-6 suited to my AA and he won. My flopped ace helped him. At this point I could have easily went to VP to get it back...or attempt to...but not that guy anymore. I just had pad Thai from Golden Dragon and went back to PLO. Won 807 and was proud of myself. The fish left and then I took a nap. Spending an extra day at Foxwoods next week because Nov 11 is the Lindsey Stirling concert and I can’t wait for that.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Feels good to run good

Trip started out well. I won my 60 dollar bus coupon roulette spin and after getting my room settled which was an ordeal I played. Fox only had one king bed and smoking room that time of night so I got that and was told I can get a fresh room tomorrow. I don’t mind this because that means that’s 2 rolls of toilet paper I can take and you better believe I did.

I was only able to play a little bit Wednesday night. The only grinder at my table was the guy who likes to play the “show one” game after you win a pot and he knows I don’t play that game. He shortly left after and then basically everyone left. So one guy was ok with playing heads up, and I can tell he sucked WITH 500 stack so I wanted that. We played like 3 hands and was told can’t play heads up if there are seats open at other 2-5 tables. Half rake at a quick heads up pace makes less than full rake at a slower rate? My only guess is it was late and they wanted to send a dealer home. Very frustrating so I got some chicken fried rice from Noodles and went to bed.

Thursday I got up and had the buffet from Veranda restaurant. I feel like it’s a waste going there. All I really get there is a big plate of eggs, home fries, and some cranberry juice. For like 16 bucks. Not worth it. Next time I’ll just get Panera bread where they have better stuff. So I sat at 2-5 and nothing particularly memorable happened. I then heard they had a 2-5 PLO going and saw the field didn’t look tough so I jumped in and won 452. The harder players came in for a must move so when they got into my game I got out fast.

After eating I got into a pretty dull and tight 2-5...then I ran like God. I was able to 2 outer a guy for like a 900 dollar pot and it was a mistake by me but I’ll take it. Then one time the same guy raised with AK and I called with 55. Flop A25. Then another spazzy(black!) guy raised with AK on the button and I called with 33. He had about  550 so I had to call. Flop KJ3. Good life. I won over 1800 in that game and went to bed.

Next morning was sour. Got into 2-5 PLO8 and it was pretty junky as usual. I know Tony would be interested because he doesn’t get to play PLO8 very often where he is, but this crew doesn’t just give the money away at all. I lost about 250 in it. One hand sucked bad. I had AKQJ on a KQ6 rainbow flop. He had AK62. We get it all in on the flop. Turn 10...river J. Terrible chop. I soon left and played NL and won 36 bucks. Got back into the PLO8 later and convinced them to make it 8 hands of PLO8 and 8 hands of razz. I did well in both and nearly broke even for the session. Good trip. It was made by that one big NL session but I’ll take it. Heading back Thursday afternoon. My ex GF is there and she’s with a new player so I keep an eye out when she’s not around to see if he’s flirting with other chicks

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I need to adjust and improve

I visited the lady in Jersey on Wednesday and we saw the Mountain Between Us. Good movie. A little slow at points but the acting was very good and story was solid. I recommend it. Also, look up MOVIEPASS on google. 10 bucks a month to get one free movie ticket PER day. No lie.

I went to fox Thursday and immediately got started badly. Lost my 60 dollar roulette spin with the bus matchplay. After checking into my room(only got Thursday since they were cheap with the Friday’s in October) I was ready to play. Intriguing table. The blonde girl with the massive tits was there with her friends at her table which is the usual. I’m always a bit skeptical of that but they don’t seem like a team. It’s actually advantageous in a way because he was on her left and when he 3 bet her you know it’s a monster. You don’t bluff the tits when you’re friends. She ran pretty bad and lost. One day I want to flat big tits in position with a big hand. Maybe two big hands 😉 I 3 bet a guy with A3 suited and he played AA terribly. The 3JQ flop with a 10 on the turn(river 3) froze him though especially OOP. I’ll take it.

Played a little 1-2 plo8 with the usual crew. Won a few bucks. The most relevant thing that happened there was me getting my rooms set up for December and that I got my Friday’s back.

After plo8 broke I played 2-5 again. This is where I need to improve. It’s sometimes hard to play against terrible players doing random shit. You don’t always get the hand needed. They play in a way that sets their money on fire over the long run but any given night can beat you. One time it goes 10-10-10 and I make it 60 with AK off in the big. Flop is KJJ. That’s not easy. It checks around. Turn gives two flush draws. I check, guy bets like 130 and gets CALLED. I folded. Turns out the original bettor has 10-7 of diamonds and he gets called by 44. It’s insane. 44 hero called when a blank hit the river. I ended up stacking off vs some insane woman’s aces at the end of the night. Crazy game. Went to bed.

Friday I get a text saying my friend Charleen may not show up since she’s sick. She’s a good friend and I like when we play and hang out together. I played the usual 2-5 plo8 game and won like 350. I got most of my money in a marginal spot vs this old annoying guy named Irv that everyone hates. I was ok with it. Charleen did end up arriving. We went to the lounge and then played a bit of  Pai Gow. She won 100 and I lost 50. I was happy I bet on her spot a few times.

We played 2-5 together and big tits was there again with her friends. She got unlucky again when her turned set gave her opponent the nut flush. She got a bit emotional and left. It’s crazy but it happens. I think I’d rather cry than play pit games after a loss though. Any day. I walked Charleen back to the car and then went back to 2-5 PLO8. I was ahead but then lost a couple hands so I was down 48 dollars. I need to be super mindful about the nut low in spots.

Went to a new 2-5 and played with a guy who played cash games like a tournament. Another guy setting money on fire and I tried to “outplay” him but the smart grinders in the game saw through that and 4 bet me. Gotta adjust for that and I know I will. Heading back Wednesday night.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Just give me your money!

I headed to Foxwoods after work this trip(which I do if I’m not visiting the girl in Jersey) on Wednesday’s. They give me one free round trip a month on the bus but considering the last two buses of the night are 12 and the day bus is 15 I held off on using it until next week. Gotta save 3 dollars when you can. Got there and turned my 50 free dollars in slot into 50 cash then won 120 on bus matchplay. After I did my box shit I played. Game was kind of standard until some stupid kid decided to 4 bet me with QQ. I gladly shoved with AA and it held up. I’m more than willing to gamble in that spot.

I got a pretty nice suite connector room at Pequot. Only one king bed but PLO friend wasn’t coming in until Thursday night so no rollaway needed. They also charge you like 25 points I think so screw that. Before bed I went on global poker and played one of their new hyper turbo SNGs. They don’t tell you the starting stacks before the game. It’s shit. Blinds go up very fast and you only start with 500. I think that’s standard but it’s stupid. I lost after a must shove. I did win 774 in 2-5 though.

Next day was crazy. Same deal. Old man this time gets it in pre with QQ and I have aces again. Both times I’m able to double up like a 500/600 stack. I also played well with poor players. Good reads. It was funny though because I knew it would die soon because the must move was super reg heavy. So I had to squeeze out all I could. Luckily the fish left before the regs got in so it was the perfect time for a break. That was a 2389 win!

After dinner we got in some 2-5 PLO8. It’s usually very reg heavy but there were like 5 new people in the game. The one woman to my direct left showed her 4567 all hearts and said how it was a wonderful hand and how you can make a straight flush(I mean you can but still). Regs and I gave each other that LOCK THE DOOR look. She proceeded to dump like 900 to me in two pots. She was basically the profit. They eventually all left but it was a job well done. Won 1286 there.

That soon broke so I went back to 2-5 NL. One talkative reg does the chatty angle where he tries to seem crazy to make the other players do dumb things. He tried to get me to agree to a rule where if you win a pot you need to show one card. Fuck no. These idiots would get way more out of that from me than I would of them. One kid wins Poker Pussy of the Decade Award. He was a huge fish of course with I think his life roll on the table. It got down to 4 handed and he’s like “this doesn’t feel right, like it’s not real poker”. What a spineless piece of shit. He then left and it was game over. Won 497 at that table.

Friday wasn’t very intriguing. Played plo8 and won 122. The fish from Thursday weren’t in there. Nothing of note. Played 2-5 NL soon after and won like 263. There were amazing fish in the game but couldn’t get into a huge pot with them. I did bluff one out though in probably the only big pot. After a shower I took the bus and went home. My female friend from NH is taking me to the Nashua casino(or whatever it’s spelled or called) so, pending changes, could be a PNC ROAD REPORT next week.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Twos? Come on man

Yet another thrilling and roller coaster trip at Foxwoods. It started out funny. I got the free 50 bucks in slot play that they give Platinum card players every 10 days and use it on 5 hands of 9:6 Jacks or Better. I go lose, lose, lose, lose, QUADS. 250 bones. I did lose my 60 dollar bet using the match play from the bus though.

I took Saturday off work just in case I got to day 2 of the Monster Stack tournament. I don’t make that much money at my job so playing poker and being in Foxwoods is, in a bubble, better than going to work. But then I miss out on all the creature comforts of home and I’ll burn out. Video Poker will then start looking really good. I stayed in Pequot with my UFC and PLO friend(plays plo and writes about UFC) and he’s a good roommate. No snoring etc. It’s exciting making fun of the dumb players in the room. Before all that though I lost 690 dollars in 15 minutes playing 2-5. Sometimes they just hit the shit harder than you. Luckily I got 300 back before bed time.

Tournament started the next morning. It went well early. Was up to 42k after 4 levels, 47k after 8, 72.5 after card dead and was down to 51.5 after 15. Caught a few hands for flips and had 146k after 18. Level 20 was when it all went down. 7 handed, 1k ante with 4000/8000 blinds. Folds around to me in the SB and I shove my 118k stack with AK suited into deuces. Snap call. I brick and I’m done. I asked a few people about that hand(caller had about 330k) and responses ran the gamut:

A)Bill Potts is completely in agreement that it was a good call. He would do it in an instant.
B)2-5 NL reg grinders think it was a pretty good call and they would do it too.
C)My mixed game lady friend thinks it’s a bad call and she wouldn’t do it herself. It’s bad in tournaments to take unnecessary gambles for a large chunk of your stack and you’re like never dominating. I agree with this one.
D)PLO8  friends thinks his decision was totally nuts and would never consider it. He also said AK suited is destroying deuces percentage wise and that’s for sure wrong.  His assessment is too strong.

So I lost. It sucks. Lost money in 2-5 NL too after. My ex-gf was there for tournaments too and those didn’t go so well for her either so far. We barely talk too, kinda awkward.

So Saturday rolled around and it was pretty cool. Made like 805 over 7 hours and then had dinner after my table got too reg heavy. I love when regs are good friends and like playing with each other. They can do that while I win money at a different table thanks. So after dinner it all went to hell. Lost like 300 over 3 hours...then we got 2-5 Crazy Poneapple going. I literally had to look up the rules and strategy before I sat down. Apparently the big crazy man is the one they call Cookie Monster, who kinda reminds me of tbc. He ended up getting destroyed before making a small comeback for a decent loss. I ended up winning 1050 and saving the trip. Thank God!