Thursday, August 16, 2018

Chemotherapy generally fails right?

Don’t worry everyone, it’s not me. I feel fine for the most part(haven’t gotten sick in 6 months ever since I stopped using the air hand driers). But there’s this one old guy in Foxwoods. Everyone knows him. Very old guy who is generally a piece of shit and I’ve known this for a while.

Poker has been pretty up and down for me lately. The hold em game is reg filled(you CHERISH those times when the reg buddies play at each others table and they’re yucking it up at their shitty game while you get the amateurs), so I decided to start min-stacking plo. I have people I know in that  game who play solidly(including Mike, who makes a living at it) so I was always cautious about getting involved. But fuck it. There’s enough bad players in there where I can get a piece. It’s also nice to dance between that and NL based upon table quality. I actually think it’s a lot easier to switch between 2-5 plo and 2-5 NL than 1-2 NL and 2-5 NL. At least you know you’re playing different games in the first case.

Terrible things to begin the trip. I lost 1552 in plo8. All I get are brutal spots. These people just won’t put all their money in huge draws. It has to be locked made hands. For example on JQ2 board say they have 1k stack. The pot is 120. They have like AK910 with the nut clubs. Monster right? Sure they’ll pot it. But if you repot it, do they shove? Nope. They’ll call you. They’ll shove with QQ though. Probably crying call you down JJ. It actually makes hands like 22 kind of easy to play. Just gotta be aware of middle set. They’re also old which makes them conservative. But stupid. The losses mainly consisted of made hands tgst got destroyed by big draws, over and over again.

The old man showed up. He thinks he’s hot shit, but in reality he’s only good at stud high. He likes to tell amateur players he will play them in any game with any stakes. But someone once tried to take him up on it and he said the level wasn’t high enough. Shit talking coward. So here’s the hand that made me hate his cancerous face(and I raise money for cancer research, so I must hate him bad). I have AK26. He raises to 20 from EP. I call. Flop comes K89 rainbow. He pots to 40. I call. Turn A. Bets 120. I call. I debated shoving here since I had top two and a low draw but realized that’s a bad decision lol. Let’s see a river. And it’s a King. So now I have kings full. He pots it to like 360 with 250 behind. I shoved. A mistake, sure. Should have called. But here’s where the hate comes: he gives a fucking SPEECH. Shit like “so you’re telling me you one outtered me blah blah” and I just said you win and showed my hand. He had aces full of course. The guy was getting like 5 to 1 on his money and he’s going around telling people he was 50/50 to fold and that I’m a bad player. Yeah fuck you. The more he tells that story the dumber he looks. If he was really scared about quads he would checkcall river.

Plo high was nice to me though. All the money I lost in plo8 I got back in plo plus more. I messed up and started with a max stack and that’s just not good. I won a lot with it but variance is insane. The last hand I played for the the trip was NL. I had 33 vs QQ on a 23Q flop. My 700 stack went away. That finished the trip down 145 in 21 hours for poker, but the points etc made up for it. Nearly back there now.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thank GOD for Fat Spazz

This trip wasn’t particularly good financially but it certainly was one of the must memorable trips I’ve had recently,  all thanks to one guy. But we can get to that later. All my other hoodies were dirty so I picked one I haven’t wore in a while and it had 3D glasses from the movies in there. Probably a Marvel film. These actually worked perfectly for poker. They were big enough to fit over my glasses and weren’t too heavy. I’ll be wearing these in hold em every time.

So I met Mike on the 1030 bus and we discussed the Giant PLO game. Good talk. A bus grinder asked us to keep it down so we were like fine and spoke lower. You know it’s a bus grinder when they plan to sleep going TO the casino. There’s def staking and shadiness in that game people should be very cautious of. I asked if he wanted to chop the bus coupons and he said no because he wanted to go to the PLO ASAP while I had to check in. It worked out because I won my spins and he lost his.

After checking in I figured I had to take a quick look to see how the NL looks. Looked shitty. My Thursday late night standards are super high because I want to watch Big Brother on the cbs app and I want to do the gym before plo8 on Friday. So it needs to be retard deluxe in there for me to play.

Plo8 actually went terribly for me. Simply couldn’t make a hand and got unlucky in big spots. Unlike the previous week there weren’t a steady crew of idiots coming in and out. The game went to 4 handed and I floated the idea of playing 5-10 so we would pay 4 bucks a half instead of “half rake” pot rake. It’s not really half. Everyone agreed except Big Jeff because he’s a scared nit. Nice guy though. I actually got them to break the game with Jeff there which was awkward. But after a while it ended up being me, Asian Danny, decent New kid, and Bruce. Bruce was actually the mark in the game. Anyone who checks in the dark in an Omaha game is bad IMO. I hear he plays stud very well but that might be it. Asian Danny left and then Bruce left. Apparently Danny was a WELCOME addition for Bruce. Danny is probably the best player in the casino. Maybe Bruce thinks I’m too dangerous shorthanded?  But it was terrible and I ended up losing 891 in plo8 total.

I took a break after it ended and had Thai for dinner. I played NL and was enjoying the glasses. Soon enough FAT SPAZZ joined the game. This guy was genuinely garbage. He’s the kind of guy who..we’ll lets just get to it. There’s a straddle, I’m button. Folds to me, I make it 30, he calls in BB only. I have AJ. Flop 910Q two diamonds(I have Ad). He checks, I bet 60. Call. Turn offsuit 2. I bomb it to 300. This is one of those boards you need to bomb or check imo. He calls! He has 100 behind at this point. River offsuit 5. He checks. I put him all in. Debate! He finally calls. I say You Win. He then says “Muck Then”. I say no lol. He shows J4! I won a 935 pot with A high over 3 streets of action. Never played a crazier hand. He proceeds to lose 3k over 7 hours or so I played with him. He settled down around 7am which I kind of liked because I needed some rest so I can play good Saturday. I did win 737 that session.

Next day was alright. I kept an eye out for F. Spazz and FOUND HIM. I won some decent cash from him. He got lucky and left. The previous night he tried to leave numerous times but I told him he shouldn’t leave before he was Big because he’s missing free hands. Like 3 times he got utterly destroyed during these “free hands” so when I tried it again he just left. The fucking nerve! That was pretty much trip. I ran bad in the next session but ehhh. I hope Indian Doctor or Fat Spazz are there this trip. I only won 112 in poker but I won 120 in the bus match, 100 points, 25 arcade coupon, 20 bucks mystery cash, free bus coupon, and I earned points playing so I made over 400 if you squint your eyes.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Long trip, thanks to LINDSEY

It was Round 2 of the Lindsey Stirling/Evanescence concert, this time up in Mohegan. I kind of wish it was in Foxwoods so I could get the tickets using my points, but I also heard that Foxwoods shows don’t go more than 2 hours because they want you back on floor gambling. I can’t confirm that exactly but the Christmas Lindsey show and the Criss Angel show were 2 hours or less so maybe. It was a different experience than the Camden show. The acoustics were better so Evanescence sounded  better. Amy Lee wasn’t drowned out by the orchestra this time. Lindsey went first this time which was a mistake because she’s the best on the planet. I did make a fatal mistake and got floor seats. NEVER BUY FLOOR SEATS. Everyone was getting up and down. The one cool thing was that I was in the last row and could stand but still never again. A good lesson because I’m gonna buy tickets to wrestling in Brooklyn in a couple weeks.

My friend says he wants to play poker, but I really don’t think he enjoys it that much so I got him going on VP. He won like 400 bucks on it. I had the wizard of odds optimal strategy ready to go if I forgot something. He was loving VP when he left the next day but I had to warn him the VP machine is not an ATM. It’s highly dangerous as we all know. I think he understood me.

Poker was fine. One disgusting hand was I had 10-6 off in the BB, I check after four limpers. Flop 10-6-2 two hearts I check with intention of check raising. Guy makes it 25, gets one caller, I make it 85 with 250 behind. Only the caller calls. Turn offsuit Q, I shove he snap calls with Q10. Nothing I can do there, besides remember his face lol. There were a bunch of up and down hold em sessions in here too.

One INSANE thing happened as I was watching my friend play 10-20-40 PLO. It was between Super Dave and Bahvin, however that’s spelled. Both aggressive and kind crazy. SD has JJK7 with clubs and Bahvin 10KQx with hearts. Flop comes AJx. 1100 pot. Dave pots it and Bahvin calls, but the dealer runs out both the turn and river even though Bahvin had 250 behind. The turn was a 6 and river was a 6. BUT WAIT! Because the dealer messed up that river goes away and it because a...Q. Dave is a loud guy anyway but dealer cost him a 3800 pot because Bahvin isn’t folding his Broadway draw on a missed turn. Pretty fucking crazy.

Plo8 went on Friday. Usually runs 7-8 hours on average but this time it went until 6AM! A large variety of bad players fueled it, none worse than this crazy Indian doctor. Indian doctors are always terrible at poker by law. He never folded preflop even to a raise. Any 4! He always said stuff like “I’m getting there” and “I’m learning” but he really wasn’t at all. He left at 6am because he said he had to take a cab back to Boston but I saw him the next day at like noon. Liar! I won around 800 bucks on the trip over the course of 34 hours. Not great but heading back now hoping for a better trip.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Plugging that emotional leak

When you play flop games, it’s very very important to not feel bad about your luck. You can’t feel you’re unlucky or anything like that.  This doesn’t really apply to stud games because people can see you calling with the nonsense so the embarrassment of that is bigger than the feel bad. I felt like this on the last trip and I got crushed...for a while. It was another thrilling trip overall so let’s get into it.

I ate food after work so I had no desire to go to the Noodle Bar(at Foxwoods, obv) so I used my match play/food coupon on roulette. I had 3 coupons and used them for 2 spins, and I lost both. Starting like a champ. I checked out the poker room just in case it looked ok. Cookie Monster was there(who is crazy but probably not quite as crazy as most people assume) and I wanted to get into that game. The problem was there were two Must Move tables to the Main Game and he was older one and I probably would never get to play with him. I ran like crap and lost 415. When you get down to 4 handed and you run JJ into AA on a safe looking board it’s bad news. I decided it wasn’t my night and went to bed.

The next day I got a good gym session in(working out while stuck in the casino is a major sign of strength) and then got an hour of NL in. Plo8 was touch and go but we got it going. I lost 181 in an hour of NL. Plo8 went well. I needed a win. Larry won every pot early but eventually got destroyed. He got very unlucky against me on a J102 rainbow board where he had J10 and I had JJ. The game broke when he left and I did win 357 in about 7 hours. Charlene showed up and we went to the lounge. It’s always cool when she’s there. After I got crushed in NL. I did get a bit unlucky in one hand but I just didn’t like my play. I was feeling sorry for myself and when that happens I call those raises to 25/30 far too often. It’s kind of like I just want to win a good pot to soothe my emotion burden or something. I left the game, went back to my room, and told myself to STOP BITCHING. BIG FUCKING DEAL YOU DONT GET HANDS SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. YOU PUT THAT COLD DECK ON LARRY EARLIER AND NOW YOURE COMPLAING? GET THE FUCK OVER IT! So I did. I slapped myself a few times too.

It didn’t go well immediately and I lost 223 in 2 hours, but I liked how I played. I switched tables but right next to it was 2-5 Crazy Pineapple featuring Shirley AND Cookie Monster! Full table and some of the CP regs weren’t in there either. It went INCREDIBLE. I played some hands well, got lucky in a few, and one held up. Dream scenario I have 457 on a 236 board and I’m against 66 and 62 all in on flop. Some stuff I got a bit lucky on but I recognized it which is important. I left the game around 4AM with all the money and the game immediately ended. I’m not sure if it’s because they consider me the fish or just the guy with all the money. Maybe both. I had to get some rest though because I don’t have a room on Saturday’s.

I actually got the rare Saturday morning gym session in. I had a need. I sacrificed the free lounge breakfast though. I kept up the fight from last night. Over the course of 10.5 hours I won 1273. The HORRIBLE black woman came back(the one whom Bill Potts defends to death even though he’s never once played with her) and she lost 1000 dollars in 8 minutes. Bill said I should keep an eye on her and I did. I literally was texting him everything she did in one hand and while I was doing that in detail she got stacked again. A couple hands later once again. She left the table soon after and I saw her with very few chips over there. Bill thinks I’m biased thinking no black female player can be good, but i marginally disagree. I’ve seen white female players be very good(an ex-girlfriend I met at Fox and Michelle for instance). I’ve never seen a good black female player, but admittedly there are so few and certainly not above the 1-2 level. Possibly she’s the only one I’ve played 2-5 with. Soon the game died out but my bus was leaving in 3 hours. I took care of my box and had Noodles. I saw a guy I used to play HORSE with at Pai Gow playing 3 hands. 30 bucks a piece. Got crushed lost it all. Then he did 60. More losing. Then he played banker and did 200 just one hand. Lost. Back to multiple hands. Lost. Put his last 300 on one hand banker. King high no good. Lost. He then left. After that I checked out poker, wasn’t in the mood to possibly lose, I was tired, games were eh. I took a little nap for 2.5 hours in the eating area and nobody bothered me. After that I went home.

I’m heading to fox on Wednesday this time with my friend to see Lindsey Stirling again. The one who did bad gambles last time. That’ll make for a fun story.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

She’s just incredible

What a fun and exciting time since I last posted. You really only need money, fun, and a good woman  by your side to really enjoy life and it’s been nice. Let’s try to go in order of things:

I’ve been doing well in the stocks lately. I know I told Twitter that I purchased lots of MoviePass stock(HMNY) but that was a big fail. I probably ended up losing 220 dollars on that thing. I love MoviePass but it’s a very bad business model, although I am obviously cheering for them. Another bad move was purchasing Netflix stock. I figured hey it’s Netflix, everyone has that shit it’ll shoot up. At the peak I had it for 9 shares and it was around 400 at that time. I then sold 5 because I wanted to get an amazon share and later in the day it sunk like a stone. Didn’t meet projections for the quarter. I waited a couple days and it recovered some then sold the rest. Co-worker told me they paid Chappelle 200 million for 3 stand up comedy specials. I can’t roll with that so I sold. I have since purchased another share of Amazon and I’m stuck on that. Funny thing is I’m actually UP on stocks. Planet Fitness has been good, WWE has been incredible,  and I purchased some Funko today and I’m up in that. I hope to keep that going.

Poker last week was very good. It was basically a series of big hands with a lot of boring stuff in between. Thursday is usually a pretty shitty day to play but I arrive after work on Thursday to check in so I pretty much have to at least take a look at the games. I found one with actual legit DUMB white kids. Not angling white kids who are faking it. Felt like a decade ago. I actually stacked 3 people with top set on a J83 two spade board. Big pot too. Dumb opponent had bottom set, Preflop raiser had I GUESS queens because non-spade A and K ran out. Other guy flush draw I guess. Game died shortly after and I had a 987 win in an hour.

PLO8 actually went on Friday! The one guy who makes the game(yet is inexplicably decent, I assume players like his forcefulness to get it started) is back from Vegas. Hopefully it goes more now. My friend UFC Mike actually played. I won a big one with A244 with a suit on a 10-6-4 rainbow board. Mike got cold decked with his 10-6-A2. Big spazz villain had a low wrap(I guess) but it bricked out for no low. I also got a gift from a big crazy fish in the room with 10-J-4-5 on a QKA27 board. We both got 1k in on the river. He was the one who potted it at the end. I was a little scared about getting quarted honestly. He ended up having 10-JJ-5 so that was a 5 hundred dollar gift. The game ended after the bad players left. I really hope some very specific people like Shirley play Friday.

It wasn’t all roses. I ended up losing a big one to Michelle. I 3 bet AK and she had Queens. She calls. Flop 345 I bet half stack she shoves, I’m committed and call, brick city. It’s ok. I lost 700 that table but I took a 687 profit that day and went to bed. Larry also gave me back 100 dollars of the 700.

This particular Saturday was not great. Very very grinder heavy. At one point it was insanely deep aggro Asian,  glasses grinder, Michelle, bald smart yet a bit spazz grinder, very smart Sun Glasses grinder, rungood Kirk who gets value on everything. He’s a good player though. I got outta there and played 1-2 PLO. Black guy to my direct left would not shut up about how if you have AA in Omaha don’t get your whole stack in pre so you can shove on the flop and defend against opponents hitting their runner runner straights and flushes. I’m a bit of a PLO high novice so 10% of me understands but the other 90% just knows that has to be stupid. He got stacked and left. I eventually got stacked with 8810J with 2 diamonds on an 89K two diamonds board. I think I was ahead there but not fully sure of his two other cards. I’ll assume slightly ahead. Bricked tho. He had top set btw.

I got put back on the shitty 2-5 game but was eventually moved to a good one FINALLY. I ran pretty decent and ended up capturing 633 in that game. I love how the grinders first priority seems to be playing together and sharing a laugh and not finding the best game. I eventually took the last bus of the morning and the Main Event ended while I was on it. I wish Cada won. He played great. I bet Larry 5 dollars the last hand would be a pair or less so I’m tilted big lol. I ended up winning 2006 dollars in poker over around 20 hours.

I went to Camden, NJ with the girlfriend, her sister and her boyfriend to see the Lindsey Stirling/Evanescence show. Evanescence was ok but Lindsey was a STAR. Get a ticket if it comes near you, watch her on YouTube, everything. She’s incredible and just the best. I’m seeing her again next Wednesday in Mohegan Sun with a friend too. Should be hitting Fox soon so good luck to me.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thank God for Saturday

I feel like I make a ton of good life decisions recently. Got a great girlfriend, I have a good diet(maybe a little carb heavy because pasta is great), working out consistently, financials etc. Switching from poker Thursday to Saturday has been great. Last week, I lost 1205 over 5 hours and 55 minutes. Every big hand I had they folded PREFLOP, and every hand I missed on they seemed to call or check raise me. I felt like I had my cards stapled to my head for all to see.

Couple things: I’m still gonna play for on Friday, and the above stuff happened on a Friday. Secondly,  this is the beauty of only having a 5k roll in the box. It keeps you on your toes. Every dollar means more. Can’t be tempted by VP either. I love it. I also won 90 bucks from the bus coupon and 50 from a cash giveaway that mitigated those losses a bit.

I came into Saturday feeling good. I did some exercises in the room and felt ready to go. That black chick from last week wasn’t there this time, even though I saw her Friday. I’m assuming she got crushed and needed a break. Bill Potts says he wants me to keep an eye out for specific fish stuff she might do and I will.

First table was good. The guy whom I considered the best at the tabke started to think he could just own people with his play. He got super out of line when he limped 96 off and then called my raise to 35 pre. He had position but it worked out. He tried to bluff trips but I called. The one guy who I was staying for tightened up so I happily locked up a 461 win and left.

Next table was a Must Move. Crazy Shirley was in there. I won another 430 over here and left too. One highlight was Shirley being so happy that the Knicks were up 4 points in a summer league game 3 minutes into it. Because you can’t come back from that obv

Next table was insane. I ended up cracking a guys set of eights with a set of aces on the turn AND river. I was in line to win the 500 dollar high hand but seconds later a king high straight flush took it. But still that was about a 2k pot. I ended up winning 1612 and left. I took a break and did some people watching of blackjack. THE THINGS I SAW. Player 9 vs dealer 10? Double! Player 4 vs dealer 7? Double! Player 12 vs dealer 5? Double! Later I saw 66 vs dealer 5, guy split and was fine. On the other one he got another 6 and DOUBLED! That’s a rare one. All these people lost their asses btw

They ended up putting me back at the same table the rest of the night and I won 25 bucks. That’s ok with me. I’m heading back to fox now and I’m hoping Joe Cada wins the main.i win around 1250 over 23 hours

Sunday, July 1, 2018

20% is good

This was another trip with the girlfriend. We have been planning this one for a while because Criss Angel was in town and I got two comp tickets. She’s a big fan of his. We went Thursday morning and I paid for her ticket again and she offered to pay me back. She’s really nice that way. I said no of course but I kept her match play coupons. I ended up losing on 3 of the 4. I think it’s important to show a girl wins so I’d usually do 2 spins of 2 coupons but I did 4.

We got the couples massage shortly after we checked into the room. She had the same girl but I had a new one from last time. I can’t remember if I’ve ever had her before. She really squeezed my ass good so I was a big fan of her and hope I get her again. She got in there like it was her life’s mission!

After a quick trip to eat at the lounge I played 2/5. Now before I got there I remembered that she said she wanted to gamble this time. She doesnt really know how to play anything and I’d feel bad if she lost so I suggested that she invest in me. Bill Potts suggested 20% so that’s what we agreed to. The first session started out terrible. I 3 barreled a guy and that failed. I was stuck 500 at one point. The great thing about her is most non-gamblers would be breathing down your neck at this point, but she was supportive. I turned it around and actually won 399 that session.

We left around 820 because we wanted to get some Golden Dragon and watch Big Brother. That girl Sam is the best one and I like how she’s literally a robot right now. If she goes first I’ll be pissed. I ate my whole serving of pad Thai while hers lasted 3 days. Small lady. We fell asleep shortly after. You know you’re with the girlfriend when you go to bed at the casino at 1030pm.

We went to the gym the next day then more lounge. Pretty big day of poker. I won 788 in 4 hours. Larry was in the game(he still owes me 700 btw) and he lost with AA vs KK. River. That hand probably cost me a payment. I ended up winning with AA vs KK and getting a big pot.

Criss Angel was fun. He did a lot of fun illusions that are hard for me to figure out, but I’m sure there are logical explanations. He did some fun shit with a 20 dollar bill. It ended really quick. Only 90 minutes, so I played a little more poker. Game wasn’t great and wasn’t getting any cards so I took a 157 loss in 2 hours 45 minutes. After that was bed.

Saturday was interesting to say the least. I saw that ridiculous black girl who SPAZZED with AQ suited at another table and I figured I’d probably have to deal with her Saturday. Little did I know. After lounge breakfast i got my name activated from the call list. There were about 13 names but only like 6 active ones. I did a very smart thing because the main games looked iffy so I rolled my name onto the bottom of the list and then a minute later they made a new game(#Protip) so I got more time in the must move. Eventually I was moved and I won a good pot with queens. Guy I beat left so I left. Took a 237 dollar win over an hour and got my name back on the call list. Always good to pocket a win in those circumstances.

We people watched BJ a little bit and saw a young kid lose around 800 in 25 minutes. Tony hates people like me lol. I partially like those people to lose who just play pit games because I’ll never see any of that money in poker plus the casino are the ones giving me stuff, not him.

Got back in another must move. The black girl was 2 to my left. Here was the hand of the trip. Bill Potts and I had a major disagreement on this one. So, she straddles to 10. Middle position makes it 30(with QQ), I make it 95 in SB with KK, she flats with AQ suited(Bill and I actually both thought this was a very iffy decision). The guy shoves for 350. I go all in, and she has a 424 stack. She calls. She rivers a flush. She probably maybe MAYBE pot committed herself by calling the 95 by only having 329 behind, but i can’t give credit to her because she fucked up by calling the 95. Also judging from last week she totally overplays big suited aces. Not even AK suited. Bill thought it wasn’t a mistake but I say in 2-5 it totally is. Whatever though we disagree on stuff but we both win overall. Saturday was all about getting it back and I ended up only losing 19 in that session. Black girl lost a shit ton of it back and then left. It was a fun trip and I won 1250 and gladly gave her 250.