Thursday, October 18, 2018

Still 60-less

It’s funny how much you learn by being around casino people so much. How some of them do the dirt worst strategy of trying to angle you for money. If you don’t know the story of the black guy, read the previous few blogs. So the black guy(found out his name is Anthony) told me he would get to Foxwoods Saturday for bag/60 dollar exchange. I lugged the bag all the way there, on the bus and everything. So he texts me there and says he would get there Sunday afternoon aka after I leave. But oh hide the ticket so he can claim the bag when he gets there. Of course if I do that I have 0% of ever getting that bag back. So he never paypaled me the money and I didn’t bring the bag. The dance continues...

Other stuff was good. I won the roulette using 45 in match. I forgot to bring the Naked Fruit Protein drink for the gym so I used the 15 match for 3 of those. I played plo pretty late. Game was ok but couldn’t get much going. Lost 87 dollars and went to bed around 6am. Usually I like to go to bed earlier so I can do gym and plo8 but I worked out 3 times last week already and could miss a day. I indeed missed that day but was in time for plo8. Kind of a middling session until Cancer Bruce got me again. He ALWAYS GETS THERE ON ME. If I have the draw, I miss. He has the draw, he smashes. He did it again for like a near 1600 dollar pot. All I can do is hope he is dead by the time I get there this trip. I got a guy who was semi-bluffing in a 1600 dollar pot(semi-bluffing on the flop and turn, pure bluff on river since he missed) so like even between the two. I still  lost like 568 over 10 hours. I got 3 orders of wanton soup and watched Smackdown before bed.

After gym the next day I played PLO for 50 mins and won 42 bucks. But we got plo8 going again. I was down 400 pretty quick on a dumb play I made. After that I decided to just be more aggressive, and I made hands. I ended 2033 in 8 hours. Pretty sure that’s the best I’ve ever done. Excited to get it going again Friday and hopefully can do at least partially as well. After that I played plo and had mixed success. Still a win in there though. It would be funny if Anthony was there giving me retarded excuses.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Coulda lost it all on Wednesday

Are you all aware the stock market suffered a massive loss this past Wednesday? I sure did. Even though I pulled out a couple days earlier I still had the money sitting on the sidelines just in case. Everything got brutalized. Even though it recovered somewhat on Thursday, I would have seriously lost like all my profits if I didn’t pull out. With that said, I’m back in now. I have a pretty decent sized  position in Verizon as a long term thing and WWE as short term. I keep hearing people talk up Allibaba as the “Amazon of Japan” but I don’t trust it.

Poker was pretty good last week. Larry borrowed 300 from me(bringing the tally back up to 600) and he says it’s fun owing and that I like it too. I don’t Larry! I really don’t. But whatever. I won 981 in the game. I lost a SICK hand early in plo8. I had A236 on a 336 board vs A357. Turn 2 river A. Quartered. I’m surprised the 7 didn’t come so I lose it all. But it’s ok! I’m in that game for the long haul.

PLO was alright. Over two sessions I won 374 over 11 hours. I ran into the black guy again from two blogs ago. He said an “emergency” came up  so he couldn’t meet me to exchange bag for cash, but I’ll see him this Saturday. I have the bag on me now. Let’s see how this goes. If he’s a super typical casino scumbag he will say he’s short the 60 but still want the bag back. He will not get it if that’s the case. Anyway, Let’s Go Pens. Oh and I decided to maybe play 1/2 again while I wait for plo8/plo just to get hours and keep myself occupied.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Get in MY GAME you fish!

Blog a bit later than usual this week because it was opening night of the Penguins and we had a group together at Foleys(aka the Pittsburgh Penguins bar in NYC). We won the game 7-6, but it went fast even in OT. I think if I said my goodbyes quicker I could have made the last bus to Foxwoods but I would rather socialize plus I cancelled my room for Thursday. Gotta work on that defense, Pens.

Last week was very very good. After a very quick plo session, plo8 got started. Frankie Flowers made a rare appearance and did well until he started giving it away. He made a new best friend with this person I call White Hat Guy. Big Jeff ran like garbage and his QQ with no low on a Q84 two heart board lost to both of them when an Ace and then a heart ran out. Disgusting. I just played and played and didn’t let their antics get to me. Cancer Bruce came in and I had to do breathing techniques. I literally said SHANTI like the guy from WWE. It worked. CB went nowhere in the game which I loved. I went to the lounge and the game broke because Larry went broke. Flowers and WHG left before that. +24 in PLO 25 mins and +1321 in plo8 7 hours.

I went back to plo after a bit and was stuck pretty big. I just ran bad...and then suddenly ran good for one big hand.  It was goes 5 way for 25 and I call in the big. I had 57910 with hearts. Flop comes out 568 rainbow. I pot. Small stack shoves. Big stack reports. Obv I’m in there. Turn Q..river A. Runner hearts! Scooped a big one. Short stack had a set and big stack had 67910. Good runout for me. Perfect timing too since they were about to move me to the main game with nits and it was 3am. I can’t even imagine a better spot to go to bed. 598 win in 5 hours 20 mins.

Next day started out like crap. Lost 569 in plo over 3 hours. White Hat was in the game but he was asking about plo8. Obviously I’m all over that. We got a list going and actually got it going on a Saturday! He was like a child and I had to assure him the game would fill up. Literally it was a grind getting him out of his plo seat to play. After like an hour it was full. James Woods is becoming a regular in the game. Game was super good. Won 591 in 8 hours 20 mins. My friend Helen even jumped in and she usually plays like 150/300 mix. I won a quick 77 bucks over 25 mins in plo to cap off the night. Over 2k win on the to do it again this time.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Cancer sucks but it needs to win just this one time

This was a weird one. So I get off the bus to fox and pretty much make a bee line to my room in Fox Tower. The bus driver was late getting there so I thought I missed out the Thursday midnight deadline to get my points, but I found out it expires at 5:59AM. That’ll be very helpful to me over time. So I go to the room and watched Big Brother(what a season, but very predictable...I predicted the winner weeks ago!) It’s around 2am and I get the itch to see if the PLO is good. I knew it wouldn’t but then I remembered I didn’t use my bus coupons. I won the bigger bet so 40 dollar profit. I checked and the PLO had bored regs so I left. Up the stairs this black guy goes “Flushing bus right?” I say yes. Now here’s the thing...I don’t know if I got tricked. Maybe I did. Maybe not. You decide. So he has the 60 in match since he took the same bus, but apparently ZERO DOLLARS. Like he was talking about needing 60 bucks for a 1-2 buyin. Couldn’t even afford to use his match play coupons. So, of course, he asks for 60 and will PayPal me the money. He shows me his phone that he was about to send it, but did it using his CC under Goods and Services which needs 3 days to clear(another red flag). I lent him the 60 so he could do 2 tries as banker on baccarat and he loses both. So now he is broke and says he will get money at 6am from the ATM. I’m really not sure what his plan was if he didn’t meet me. So he gives me his backpack as collateral. He says he will meet me at 6am in the fox tower lobby(and A HUGE DANGEROUS RED FLAG was that he wanted to room with me for a few hours until 6am. I said no. I could be dead right now if I said yes. Never allow new people to room with you, ever.) I went to lobby at 6am and went back to the room at 620, and he of course didn’t show. Obv looks like I got owned right? I’m not sure. His book bag is standard but decent. He has a nice clean pair of sneakers in there, toiletries, skin cream, headphone stuff. So I don’t know. I have it in my work locker now.

So the next day we get the plo8 going I’m doing super well. Up around 1k..but then Cancer Bruce comes in. HE IS MY LEAK. I hate him so much. Every week I go there and hope that his cancer finally worked and that he’s dead and burning in hell. I want to beat him so badly that I gamble too much with him, which I absolutely must stop. I’m very good at poker strategy and I need to use it, because he’s just a stupid face up nit. Part of me wants to just play great him and then he dies. That way I get the last laugh, so to speak. James Woods seems to be a reg in the game now. Brings people to the game a little bit. I ended up winning 648 then went back to bed. Nearly lost it all because a guy called my 3 bet to 85 when I had AA3x vs his 9854 on a 9549 board, but I rivered the low. I played 12.5 hours and didn’t want to deal with a new crowd of gamble players. This was for solely bankroll and fatigue reasons, I know it’s a good spot. I checked later and saw they made it 5-10 plo8. Today I took 6k from the bank so now I got 10k poker roll. More open to 5-10 plo8 as long as I’m not tired.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

I love that Chinese Tariff!

I’m getting super sick of the ups and downs of the stock market. The Chinese tariff is apparently bad for tech stocks so I pulled out of amazon, google etc. But now I read stories where the tariff thing is overblown and the stocks go up anyway. So I had over 25k in there and I pulled out 6k for a bigger poker roll. Of course that can create a danger where I go to video poker after a bad poker session, but no I won’t do that. Two trips in a row no VP and intend to keep it going. So I took all the money and based it in a stock called ATI. It’s a Pittsburgh steel company that people are talking up a lot. The tariff helps a lot since it’s good for American products. But if that tariff gets worked out I’m pulling out every cent. I’m doing good on it right now though.

Poker was good this week. I hit a royal in plo8 and won a beach chair. A silly prize but you have an edge over the hold em players because of the extra cards. I only won 33 dollars over 8 hours though. Larry and I played a little 10-20 razz heads up and got raked to death. Never again. I told him it’s better if we play 20/40 stud8 because it’s better for the rake(and it is because there is far less raise and take it, which costs a fucking dollar) but I’m also a far superior stud8 player to him. He didn’t bite though.

Saturday was a tough decision. Do I play 2-5 plo for the min or max? Min is much more in my roll plus there’s some strategical advantages in there. But I decided to play max. I feel like I’m just better than a lot of other players there, especially vs that particular lineup. It worked out.  I won 894 in 5 hours and 40 mins. But that’s also the reason I pulled money out of the stock. Can’t be buying in for 1k in a high variance game with 3k roll. I was happy to get the win, then I decided to go home. I didn’t have a room, I had the chair to lug around, and I had work and a concert to go to Sunday whom are my friends from the Pittsburgh Penguins bar(the bands name is Cheeky). Took the bus and went home. A very memorable song from one of the other bands was Miami is Nice(Electric Grandnother cover) it’s quite umm memorable.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Nearly lose your ass, save it for the wrong reason

The plan to avoid all house games(besides the bus coupon roulette) was a SUCCESS. One trip don’t mean shit, unless you take a serious punch to the face in poker that can make you run to the pit. It happened to me in plo8 where my 10235 on a A21089 board got SCOOPED by an unknown opponent who had A234 and never showed a single aggressive action. I lost 650 that hand. Luckily I stuck with it and got it back with 9910J(a real shit hand in plo8, but I think sometimes it’s ok to raise with awkward shit in plo8 but obv you gotta hit. I stacked another mystery opponent that hand and got the 650 back. I’m liking that plo8 is, for whatever reason, getting new regs.

Anyway, I got to the casino Thursday and I took a look at the poker room. 2 shitty and 1 mediocre players were at 2-5 plo. I wanted to play it but it was late, I was hungry, and I had to watch Big Brother. ANOTHER week of Level 6 domination. That’s the tightest alliance ive ever seen, and that includes over 30 seasons of Survivor I have seen. I’m excited to see the double elimination episode tonight. I gave up waiting because there was no way the regs were leaving while they were playing. I ended up winning 585 in plo8 and 40 on bus coupon win so I was happy.

I’ve been putting lots of money in stocks and I have over 25k now, so I can freely daytrade. But I nearly got KILLED on Tuesday. I read some stuff online about how because of the Trump tariff stuff that stocks were in trouble. I did the nuclear option and SOLD IT ALL. I probably would have lost 7000 dollars or so if I didn’t. I purchased lots back at a heavily reduced price, was once up over 1k on the day, but ended up losing 600. The funny thing is that I saved money mostly by accident. I had a ton of money mixed up in Funko Pop, which makes those toys you see in GameStop etc with the big beads. This thing was a goldmine. Went up pretty much every day. But it got murdered because the people who make Call of Duty introduced a new mode to compete with Fortnite plus Hasbro is gonna start making Fortnite toys. Funko was supposed to be the exclusive maker of that. Fucked on two fronts. I took a few paper cuts on everything but that’s ok. Heading back to fox now.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

You gotta soak your cash

Biggg tilty fuck up by me last week, but let’s get into that gradually. I got there Thursday night and as usual just got on WonTon soup(too lazy to check the spelling) and watched Big Brother on my tablet. Fessy is SUCH a moron and it’s hilarious he got knocked out. I’ve gotten into watching Camster when I’m bored. Some of those girls are really good.

Friday rolls around and plo8 goes. Talk about the opposite from last week, and it was a lot of the same people. I think it was just setups that forced people to gamble. Set vs massive draw will do that. I did the EXACT thing I hate to do, which is pay off cowards. I also did it in a stupid spot for a lot of money. I lost 1273 in 3 hours. It made me sick. I did come back a while later and got 864 back in 4 hours and we soon turned it into 5-10 plo8 3 handed.

Everything between this next game is pretty up and down. But I will say 2-5 NL at Foxwoods is an absolute waste of time. Bill Potts says the grinders should have quit playing there by now, but they won’t fit a few reasons:

1. They give you stuff. 2 free nights, points(aka casino dollars), and lounge access to eat. All of these things are free dollars in your pocket.
2. It’s all most of them know how to play. You rarely see a NL grinder mix it up in Omaha and do well.
3. All their little buddies are here.

On Saturday  they switched the FL 5-10 Omaha with kill to 1-2 plo/plo8 mix. A big surprise and I did well. One guy was hilariously dumb. There was like 40 in the pot pre and he’s first to act post. He goes “How much can I bet?” Then goes “How much can I call?!” Lol you’re first dude. He lost all his money you’ll be shocked to learn. I did win 263 in 4 hours which is a hell of a sum for a 1-2 game.

So here’s the super fuck up. In between sessions I was doing little mystery jackpot slots. The ones that were close to 50 dollars. Usually about in the 44.50 range. Not great but the major was always around 400 so not terrible. Near the end of the trip(about 4:30, and the last bus leaves at 7:30) I found a MJ slot that was at 438 and change. Minor was whatever. Not great. I played it. Lost 1000 on it. But that wasn’t the problem. Foxwoods has this new policy where they don’t freeze machines for you for more than 3 hours. IM POSITIVE THIS IS A LIE because I asked the slot attendant to freeze it until I come back Thursday(aka today) and he eventually asked what card I had. I’m positive if I had the best card with crazy play I would have gotten it frozen. So he says no and the supervisor says no. I’m max betting, still losing, and it eventually hits at 738 and my bus is gone. I ask them at the bus station if another bus to NY comes soon and they say no, but I can take the bus to New London and take the Amtrak. I wanted to go to work and see my GF in NJ after so I did that. I had time to kill! And I lost 1000 earlier! Uh oh. Not enough time to play poker...but what about VIDEO poker? Oh yes. And I lost 4500 quickly. That was beyond stupid. I assume Tony has done similar things for similar reasons. I get it. You just want the quads or something to get even and then get out. Didn’t happen. So I lost my ass. Anyway, that Amtrak was 107 fucking dollars. I paid it. I actually put 1k into global poker and ended up winning 279 so that was paid for. They have some bullshit new policy AND BEWARE OF THIS that you can’t just deposit, basically hit and run, and cashout. You need to play a sufficient amount to be able to cashout. It’s stupid. Luckily I was able to do that over a couple days.

So I have a new plan. It’s for people with a diseased brain like mine. At the beginning of the day, I’m going to take what I feel I need to play poker for the day and then soak the rest of my cash in water. By the next day it should be dry, but it’ll be too soaked to give them if I’m tilted that day. This is insane but I have to do it. Oh and I’m sorry about not replying to the last blog, for some reason that one is restricted on my phone. I’ll check it out on my tablet later tonight.