Thursday, January 4, 2018

Buried in the Snow

I’m posting this blog from home because the Chinese Bus isn’t working because of the giant snow storm on the east coast. It’s very upsetting because I wanted to get my points and use the gym and get free food in the lounge. It’s not great but as a person raised on “bad” food it fits the bill. So here’s the info from last trip...

I got off the bus and went to Panera bread. I like having a small meal there for gym energy yet won’t be weighed down. After that I checked in and apparently messed up by booking Wednesday and Thursday instead of Thursday and Friday and gave me the No Show fee. But they checked and literally pressed a button and it was fixed. The lady even first said Thursday was sold out. It just goes to show that if your play is good enough you’ll get massive favors. I don’t think I’ll get the missed points for this week but still.

So I checked in and went to the gym. Lots of people at the time, like 6. That’s a lot when there’s usually 0 or 1. Asians. I’m assuming they’re blog readers and wanted to get a glimpse of me. Who can blame them? I saw my exes friend come in exactly when I left so maybe physical fitness is on the list for the new year.

Shit started out terribly. I lost 947 bucks in one 3.5 hour session of 2-5 NL. Ugly boards, high pair over high pair, couldn’t flop much, bets getting called. Ugly. One funny incident popped up though where I was heads up with a guy and checked on the river. The guy 100% made numerous checking motions on the river and then bet 50. The dealer TOOK HIS SIDE after the guy said he was only “playing with his chips”. That’s bullshit and the floor took my side. I lost the hand. Guy then says I wouldn’t have done that if I had a big hand. Well obviously.

I took a little break and then noticed plo had a lot of strangers in it. I been playing on Global Poker quite a bit lately(none of you are getting my screen name) and feel it’s helped me out. Good little session and won 177 in an hour before the must move broke. Main game looked bad so I ran.

Played NL again and won 231 over 3 hours. I caught a few cards this time. I really wished that psycho old lady came back from previous week. I think I then purchased some eggs before bed. Going to bed hungry is the worst and I make sure not to.

Woke up, ate, gym, ate, then jumped into PLO8. I got Shirley in 2 out of 3 big pots. She got me after I 3 bet with AA46 to 110 and she flat me with Q456😂 but not so fun on the QQK flop. I C-bet small and gave up after. One guy was already all in and during the hand was already pulling out money so I knew he had babies. Whatever. Shirley then nearly walked away from table after dropping 5k in a bundle. I alerted her. I swear that woman must lose more money that way. I won like 843 over 5 hours in the game.

Ended the trip with a 260 dollar win in plo. This nice Asian girl from Arizona gave me a cough drop.


  1. Nice blog. What casino is this? You give better hand histories than that hero Tony.

  2. Foxwoods. I actually try to be intentionally vague on hand histories so people don’t get a blue print on me, but I don’t think telling people I 3 bet with AA and two low cards in plo8 is letting out a crazy secret