Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Gave the bail out

I got a call from Bill Potts when I was in Boston one week and he told me that he got arrested. He said that I should be waiting for a call to bail him out. I was a little taken aback by that but hey I wanted to play cards so I didn't think about it too hard. So I'm playing Omaha and I'm up about $600 and these two cops come up to me. Plain clothes, maybe Detectives. They asked me about how I knew him and how we met how he makes his money etc.  I was pretty honest with everything and later on I had to take a cab to the jail house and post a $200 bail for him. It was basically like a power trip by Encore Boston where they wanted him to move his car in the garage but Bill Potts can be a little stubborn sometimes and he didn't want to show his ID. That eventually led to the police coming and basically they tried to seize his car his phone and all of this money.Eventually it all worked out and Bill got all of his stuff back he paid me back and gave me a hundred bucks because I left the Omaha game and everything was fine. Even though he was banned from Encore Boston we went back there and talked to Alex about what happened and Alex let him stay over there for free. 

Sometimes after a loss I would play video poker at encore. I did lose overall because you're supposed to but I did end up getting  some free rooms and slot play. These were the nicest rooms I've ever been in. They even had Alexa in the room which is a shock. I do recommend getting a room there if you can get it for cheap because you'll never find a nicer room on the East Coast I think. The funny thing though about Boston is that I've never seen a room go to shit so quickly. All the talk was about how the fish would be all over because its in the heart of the city. That didn't last. It became a grinders den and the plo8 was the worst I've ever played in. I am a man of routine though but something had to change. Encore got cocky and they did the worst thing they could do and they raised the rake. Right around the end of the year I quit Boston and I never returned. So I was back to Foxwoods but I still had some issues. More to come!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Another few months

Bill Potts was in Encore Boston on that original trip. He's quite the traveler so when we are in the same area it's pretty rare. He was playing the 5/10 NL and I was hanging out in the 2/2 PLO8. My intention was to get the slot play, play plo8 until late night, and then get the greyhound back to Foxwoods. All of those things happened but I won 1800 bucks over the course of like 8 hours. So of course I had to come back. I mean we had some retarded people in this game. One guys strategy seemed to be make spazzy spewey calls but to balance that he slammed his cards down as hard as he could when showing. It's a strategy!

I needed to get some housing since I was going to Boston every week now. I was taking the Skyliner bus from Flushing, going to Foxwoods, and then going to Boston either with Jeff or a Greyhound. It was a lot to deal with but I was winning. So I roomed at Alex' condo. He's a good guy and a good player from F oxwoods that lived 10 mins away from Encore. He rents out to poker players. I mean the place isn't the Ritz but it's a place to sleep. I slept under these metal stairs and there was talking and yelling above me, so I eventually brought my earplugs and eye mask. Very necessary. It was inexpensive though. I was winning a ton but.....More to Come!

I'm back!

So the next paragraph is mostly worthless, because my first blog info is saved onto my tablet. But hey I’ll roll with it.

Long time readers of mine know that I used to do a blog. It lasted around 2 years and I had no intention of ending it, but I switched phones and I couldn’t get into my google account and I STILL CAN’T. It says thanks for giving the recovery code but still no good. So instead of fighting it I’ll just use this. My blog mainly deals with Foxwoods, Poker, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. So take a read when you’re bored. It’s been over a year since I’ve done one and considering the shitty times we are in, I have some free time.

I got over the pinkeye. Prob infected a few people but they were fine. I pretty much kept winning since the last blog at Foxwoods. I heard word that Encore Boston was giving 500 dollars slot play to people with Diamond Cards from Fox. I live in NYC so while that’s a long distance from me, I’m already half way there since I went to Fox every week in Connecticut. It was imperative that I went there because it was expiring like the end of August, plus there were fish in the PLO8 game. They moved the game up there. So Big Jeff takes me up there(Cheese went thhere too, a new friend I made after the last blog), I get the slot play loaded, I do 20 spins of 25 bucks each and I proceed to win nothing. I wanted to do VP but there was a lot of confusion at that time if it was allowed. I asked the desk if I could and they said no so fuck me. More to come!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pinkeye all trip long

This was the longest trip I had at Foxwoods. Not intentionally, but when you get sick and don’t want to infect your girlfriend and co-workers you’ll gladly play more poker and risk infecting them. Casino is gamble anyway so they gotta take the risks!

Hold em was good. I def did win but there were some low points. First hand of 2-5 I flop a set of rights on a Q84 two spade board and I’m up against an overpair(I think) and gutter straight flush draw. Straight hits. I also played like 22 hours of plo8 and ended up losing 550. I was playing a lot of 5-10 heads up sometimes with a straddle(I always did, he did sometimes) and I pretty much broke even vs him. My feeling like shit didn’t help but I really want to get him heads up again. I’ve come up with a solid strategy that I intend to employ. I did win 2095 plus points and upstairs giveaways. My eye was just so bad though. Luckily it’s better now and my cough is mostly better. I probably had a fever too. Whatever. Sunday was s good one so it was a profitable pinkeye.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

333...333...333...but not when i need it

Those who have read the blog a long while(or caught up) know that I’m the house when it comes to my fathers lottery, specially the pick 3 game in NY. He plays 8 bucks a day, which is 4 on the midday and 4 evening. He plays 213 for 6 bucks and 333 for 2 bucks. 213 wins him 1500 and 333 500. I have a 50% house edge on this transaction. Well in the last month the 333 hit 3 times. 1500 lost. He hit 213 and 333 last year so I think I’m stuck a couple hundred on it overall.

I made money betting basketball on the Bucks over the Pistons in the 1st round of the playoffs. 500 on them going up 3-0 and like 2400 on them sweeping. I hedged on game 4 to lock up 2k or at worst win 190. Bucks won by like 25 that game but it was a pro decision. The Jeopardy guy that’s killing everyone would agree I’d think. I got some NHL playoff action going still. I’d love if the Islanders, Blues, and Sharks get to the third round. Love if Blues won the Cup specifically.

Poker was good last week. Won around 2k, but I lost a 3k pot in plo8. Here’s the action. I’m in the BB with 101056DS. A poor hand unless it flops amazing. But I was in the BB and there was 6 way action to 25, so I think I need to speculate with my massive near 3k stack. Flop comes 1034, two clubs(not my suits). SB checks, I check(I was intending to check raise huge here...and I did...but this is a game where you can make an argument to just check call. But I think that’s a mistake. In fact I’m sure if it.) There was also an idiot who pots the flop no matter what, and he did in MP. The Professor calls his last 70 bucks in there, and a smart reg calls the 175 pot bet too. Nobody else calls and it comes back to me, I pot it to 945. Idiot folds, smart reg calls(he has a PLO high background so he absolutely is ok with getting truck loads of money in with draws). Reg has 408 behind after he calls. Boom 6 of clubs right away. I check, reg shoves his last 408, I call to try to boat up and a 5 comes. So dead. Professor actually had nut clubs and A2 so he got a good chunk of it. Reg had A25 and bad clubs. He had a lot, but if you think of the action a lot of his outs are dead. The A56 were the worst cards for me, and so many of those were dead. Any course of action that I did can be second guessed, but the overriding factor for me is that I made a huge raise and could get  the reg with 1383 behind to fold. If he folds I’m ok. It’s a big raise.

The next day I probably lost 85 bucks in hold em and amazingly I got plo8 called after the 2-5 NL MM broke. They almost called it as a joke. But it did go! One guy was a total fool and ran through 2500 in 3 hours. I won 830 in that game. I had Led Zepplin tix that I didn’t use because he was so bad. If it was Lindsey Stirling I’d go see it but not for a band I’m not a fan of. Nearing Fox now for this weeks adventure.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Well that didnt last long

Hockey was pretty ugly these playoffs. Penguins got swept by the Islanders, and since I was at the Penguin Bar for game 3(a Friday), I missed plo8. Comically I’m the one who always pushes to play 5-10 and of course when I’m not there they get 5-10 going. Is it because they are afraid to play 5-10 with me? It’s possible. I guess that’s flattering but fuck flattering I want less rake and bigger pots.

Poker has been pretty decent lately. Standard. Been playing well. My neck hurts a little bit again, which is odd because I’ve been holding my gym bag better. But sadly I’ve been so busy with everything that I haven’t did the gym much lately. Fucking black people near the bar are always asking me to buy them food at the food cart. Wtf do I look? It’s been a problem for years. If I’m not buying you chicken rice when I’m celebrating a Stanley Cup win I’m not buying you anything when we lose every night.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Eddie Moneys daughter is hot

So it seems everyone I spoke to knew spot on that girl got screwed on the bad beat. Bill Potts doesn’t believe her story. I do for two reasons: 1- She was 100% positive it was the king of diamonds. Not just a picture diamond. 2- She remembered the dealer said they no LONGER shared the 8 of diamonds, meaning they once did so her board memory was correct. Just so sick. Maybe I’ll see her again. She looks good.

Poker has been pretty decent lately. 2 weeks ago I only one 30 bucks, but last week won over 1800. It almost counts as more since the girlfriend went with me and saw some wins. That goes a long way I think. We never got the plo8 going last week. Larry was in Vegas(where apparently he got it all in the flop with AA on a A93 rainbow board vs 95(deep stacked) and a lady called him down 3 streets with 33 on a 10JQK4 board. I ponder why he left), two guys didn’t show, one was in a soft home game. I expected it. Whatever though playing the NL allowed me to do shorter sessions and hang with the GF  and have fun).

I went over to Top Golf over in Fox Tower and beat the Ms Pacman top score of 121k. I now have 128k. I could have gotten it earlier but I didn’t realize that the power pellets do virtually nothing after the second junior screen. There was a 5k banana on the right side but I hung out on the left with a pellet waiting for the ghosts. I felt robbed when I died there. But no PACMAN TILT(obv the worst tilt of all) and I took it down the next day. Hopefully I’m still the champ. Hopefully the bitch waitress doesn’t interrupt me this time when I’m playing.

We saw Eddie Money and Joan Jett combo show. Awesome seats. Joan was great. Eddie was alright. But Eddies daughter Jesse was incredible. Awesome body, amazing tits, everything. I looked her up and while I could never find her in anything too revealing, you’ll see good stuff on google images.