Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Gave the bail out

I got a call from Bill Potts when I was in Boston one week and he told me that he got arrested. He said that I should be waiting for a call to bail him out. I was a little taken aback by that but hey I wanted to play cards so I didn't think about it too hard. So I'm playing Omaha and I'm up about $600 and these two cops come up to me. Plain clothes, maybe Detectives. They asked me about how I knew him and how we met how he makes his money etc.  I was pretty honest with everything and later on I had to take a cab to the jail house and post a $200 bail for him. It was basically like a power trip by Encore Boston where they wanted him to move his car in the garage but Bill Potts can be a little stubborn sometimes and he didn't want to show his ID. That eventually led to the police coming and basically they tried to seize his car his phone and all of this money.Eventually it all worked out and Bill got all of his stuff back he paid me back and gave me a hundred bucks because I left the Omaha game and everything was fine. Even though he was banned from Encore Boston we went back there and talked to Alex about what happened and Alex let him stay over there for free. 

Sometimes after a loss I would play video poker at encore. I did lose overall because you're supposed to but I did end up getting  some free rooms and slot play. These were the nicest rooms I've ever been in. They even had Alexa in the room which is a shock. I do recommend getting a room there if you can get it for cheap because you'll never find a nicer room on the East Coast I think. The funny thing though about Boston is that I've never seen a room go to shit so quickly. All the talk was about how the fish would be all over because its in the heart of the city. That didn't last. It became a grinders den and the plo8 was the worst I've ever played in. I am a man of routine though but something had to change. Encore got cocky and they did the worst thing they could do and they raised the rake. Right around the end of the year I quit Boston and I never returned. So I was back to Foxwoods but I still had some issues. More to come!


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    1. So I got into an argument with Bill Potts about this story. He has a vastly different account of what happened than I did. It’s like night and day and his is much more detailed. The cops and encore security went totally crazy and overboard and it cost him a LOT. There’s still a sticking point about that night that we both disagree on, but it’s better left unsaid.

  2. ive heard the story of him getting arrested and his money seized but according to him, it happened in south dakota and he even went to court in south dakota. who is alexa and why would a woman be in the room? also who is alex? a casino manager? a host? i guess the ban got lifted if so?

  3. Alex, not Alexa. A guy. A fellow poker player

  4. if he doesnt work there he doesnt have the authority to let a banned player in and have a free room.

  5. I really enjoy your blog! Keep it up.