Thursday, February 8, 2018

Penguin Road Trip!

On the bus to Foxwoods writing this and haven’t been home since last Wednesday. I haven’t been away from home this long, even my Vegas trips were only about a week. Packed up more clothes than ever before too. So here’s how it gone:

Started the trip by going to civilian job last Wednesday. Was there all day(luckily it’s easy) and wanted to squeeze a movie in but the time wasn’t right with job schedule. I do want to see that 17:15 to Paris though. So I got to Foxwoods around 1am and promptly lost the bus coupon roulette spin. Not even any drama either. Ball just easily fell in Black 2. I was staying that night with UFC Mike and I had to wait a bit because he took a later bus. I sat at 2-5 NL and won 582 over 3 hours. The big spot was 4 handed and the board was 56882. He had 89 and I had K8 suited and doubled my 450 up. Game got bad and Mike gave me the key so I slept.

Thursday was nothing special. I got into a must move at 2-5 and won 30 dollars. Very surprisingly though was we got a 2-5 PLO8 going. Usually that starts up only on fridays now. I got a lot of cards and won 995 over 8 hours.  I got heads up with a decent player who def got better hands than I did but had shitty strategy. He didn’t take advantage of his button at all. Oh and I got them to change it to 5-10 plo8 so we could pay half time instead of pot rake. He had to leave and I was ok with that because he played alright, I was tired, and I wanted to get in the early plo8 game Friday.

Friday I lost a big hand in plo8 because I didn’t make a what seems on the surface a ridiculous fold, but because of the player and circumstance it was a fold. It was just gross. I’m not even gonna explain the hand but just know I didn’t get stacked on the river. My big mistake was calling his pot bet of 390 on the turn. I lost 175 in 3 hours there. The game broke because 2 regs, Larry and Irv, lost big early and we didn’t really have anyone to replace them. I ate at the Newport Lounge for dinner and soon came back for 2-5 NL. Only won 22 bucks over 5 hours but was VERY interesting. This guy was just the biggest aggressive fish who of course built up a stack then lost it(the last 450 he had to me, aka I was stuck). He then got 5-10 NL going. Michelle was at the 2-5 and she’s super hot IMO(blonde, pretty, chubby which is like my favorite combo) but she didn’t join because besides the spazz the field was too tough. She was right. He blew 1500 like 90 minutes in. Brought in for 2000 later. I ended up winning 232 and ran because the field was murderers row.

Oh and it’s called Penguin Road Trip because I went to The Pittsburgh Penguins game vs the Devils in Jersey with the girlfriend and then her and I took a bus to Pittsburgh to see them face the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday. I’ll talk about that next blog. Hand hurts now.


  1. PBC - Just wanted to say that I enjoy your posts, sir!


  2. Ditto what seattleirish said. I don't often leave comments, but that doesn't mean I don't read and enjoy.

  3. Thanks guys. They’re fun to write and a bit therapeutic